Application of Ultrasound in Biology and Medicine (1)
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Application of Ultrasound in Biology and Medicine (1)

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Application of Ultrasound in Biology and Medicine (1)

Application of Ultrasound in Biology and Medicine (1)

What is ultrasonic homogenizer 

Ultrasonic homogenizers consist of three parts:

A generator, which supplies of energy.

A converter, which converts electrical energy into mechanical motion.

A horn, which when placed into a liquid moves in a rapid fashion and causes bubbles to form. These bubbles expand and contract, breaking apart the surrounding particles (called cavitation).

Who use the ultrasonic homogenizer

As mentioned earlier, ultrasonic homogenizers can be used by a variety of professionals in all walks of life. Life scientists can use them to facilitate sound holes. Jewelers and opticians can use them to clean their wares. Food scientists and chemists can use them to enhance their "soft commodity" processing. Archaeologists can use them to discover microfossils. These are just a few examples!

what ultrasonic homogenizer can be used for

Extraction, emulsification, atomization, change cell membrane permeability, cell wall breaking and lysis of macromolecules, etc.

Ultrasonic homogenizer about its application in medicine

Saccharin, berberine hydrochloride and leukocytoplasm were extracted from their related plants with ethanol at room temperature. It has the advantages of short extraction time, low temperature and less impurities.

The research work of ultrasonic technology to extract water-soluble substances from tea shows that the extraction rate can be significantly improved, which indicates that ultrasonic technology has broad application prospects in the extraction of instant tea.

Appropriate dose of ultrasound irradiation can change the permeability function of cell membrane, which may be the biophysical basis of ultrasound drug penetration therapy.

The use of ultrasonic technology to break the cell wall has long been a routine method for extracting cytoplasm while basically ensuring that the cytoplasm is not destroyed.

In the basic research of deoxyribose (DNA) macromolecular damage and repair, ultrasound is an effective tool for shearing macromolecules.

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