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Continuous innovation

Shengpai insists on serving more customers with continuous innovation, and is determined to improve customer productivity through product quality and technological innovation.


 Excellent raw materials

Ceramic pieces imported from Japan, titanium alloy imported from Germany. High-quality raw materials are the foundation of high-quality products.


Superb installation technology

Different installation methods makes different quality, even for a tiny transducer. Superb installation technology is the core technology in Ultrasonic industry.


Tested before leaving the factory

Every product of Shengpai will be tested at least 3 times before leaving the factory to ensure that every product received by the customer is a high-quality product.

The content of generator production and testing


  The internal integrated circuits are produced using automated assembly lines. Both SMT and DIP production lines have circuit board detection, which can reduce defects such as missed soldering and false soldering caused by human causes. The pass rate of integrated circuit boards reaches 99.9%;


  Integrated circuit board testing is carried out in full accordance with strict testing procedures under test tooling conditions.


  Install the integrated circuit board, customized wiring harness, and overall chassis in the dust-free assembly workshop according to the installation specification guide, and transfer the installed ultrasonic generator to the complete machine inspection workshop;


  After installation, the ultrasonic generator will be connected to the testing harness first, and then turn on, the ultrasonic generator is normally started to be connected with the test and inspection equipment, and the ultrasonic generator is tested and debugged;


  Transfer the qualified ultrasonic generator to the aging workshop for aging test to stabilize the ultrasonic generator;


  Checking the appearance of the stabilized ultrasonic generator. After the appearance is qualified, the product is packaged and stacked according to the principle of "positioning on the number four, placing it in five or five yards".


Transducer installation inspection process


  The transducer is mainly composed of front valve body, rear valve body, piezoelectric ceramic sheet, electrode sheet, bolt, etc.;


  Front valve body, rear valve body and other materials are processed by high-precision CNC machine;


  Transferring the accurately processed materials to the transducer assembly workshop (requires a constant temperature and dust-free environment), and use special tools to enter transducer assemble line;


  Transferring the assembled transducer to the inspection workshop, connect the special transducer parameter inspection equipment for parameter test, and record all detailed data;


  Transferring qualified transducers to the aging workshop, and aging the transducers (requires constant temperature in the workshop);


  Perform factory inspection of the aging transducer and compare it with the parameters before aging. Only after the parameters are qualified can it leave the factory;





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