High Quality 20KHz Ultrasonic Tinning Machine
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High Quality 20KHz Ultrasonic Tinning Machine

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High Quality 20KHz Ultrasonic Tinning Machine

Ultrasonic tinning

Ultrasonic tinning is a process in which cavitation generated by ultrasonic waves in molten tin liquid is used to remove oxides on the metal surface immersed in the tin liquid, so that tin is firmly attached to the metal surface.

Fig. 1 is a schematic diagram of ultrasonic tinning of aluminum busbar. 

The transducer 1 converts the electrical energy provided by the ultrasonic generator 3 into ultrasonic vibration, and radiates sound waves to the tin liquid 5 after amplifying the displacement amplitude through the horn 2 . The aluminum busbar sample 8 immersed in the tin solution quickly removes the oxide film under the action of cavitation, and the tin can be firmly attached to the surface of the aluminum busbar without contacting the air. In the picture, the radiating surface of the horn is not parallel to the tin liquid painting, but is set at an angle, which is to allow the bubbles to escape the tin liquid, so that the surface of the aluminum busbar can be evenly coated with tin. 4 is the tin bath. 6 is the heater, 7 is the temperature monitor, and 9 is the cooling system.

 Because aluminum oxidizes very quickly in air, and the resulting oxide film is thick, it is difficult to remove it by ordinary methods, but ultrasonic methods can solve this problem. The ultrasonic tinning equipment with an electric power of 1KW can successfully tin the surface of the 120 X 120 X 10 aluminum busbar, which can greatly reduce galvanic corrosion when it is overlapped with copper electrical appliances, and greatly reduce the size of the power switch board under the same current carrying capacity. Volume, saving a lot of aluminum, is an example of successful application in production. 

In addition to the above applications, ultrasonic tinning is also used for tinning of aluminum heat exchangers, tinning of electronic component leads in the electronics industry, and so on.


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