High Quality Touch Screen Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer
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High Quality Touch Screen Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer

Frequency Range: 1-1MHz Certificate: CE Min order: 1PCS
  • SP-520A

  • SP

  • 8543709990


For ultrasonic components measuring instrument, the most important is the admittance chart, logarithmic graph of the two graphics (the two graphics is the main method of qualified qualified), and more than a dozen parameters: resonance frequency Fs, the maximum conductance Gmax, bandwidth F2-F1, anti-resonance frequency Fp, quality factor Qm, free capacitance CT, dynamic resistance R1, dynamic inductance L1, dynamic capacitance C1, static capacitance C0, effective electromechanical coupling coefficient Keff.

The Measuring instrument which can easily replace much more complex and more complicated, also many times more expensive instruments from Agilent/HP, as for instance: HP Impedance Gain-Phase Analyzer 4294A, Agilent E5100A, Network Analyzer, HP 3563A,Control System Analyzer etc. It is also very easy to use SP-PV520A (by engineers or ordinary production workers).


Functions moldel



Portable,Full-screen touch screen,7.8 inch screen


L 240 mm;W 190mm;Front height 50mm;Back height 100mm

Frequency range



All parametric graphs

Basic accuracy


Measuring speed

5 seconds per piece(1200 point scan)

Frequency accuracy


Phase Accuracy

0.15 degrees

Ambient temperature


Impedance range


Stepped frequency

0.1Hz to Any

Power supply


Measurement parameters:

Resonant frequency:Fs
Antiresonant frequency:Fp
Static capacitor:C0
Dynamic impedance:R1
Dynamic capacitance: C1
Dynamic inductance: L1
Free Capacitance: CT
Free dielectric constant
Mechanical Quality Factor:Qm
Electromechanical coupling coefficient:Keff
Planar electromechanical coupling coefficient: Kp
Half power point:F1 and F2


1. Large screen, full-screen touch

2. Based on the new powerful ARM process or data processing capabilities, high measurement accuracy
3. Full-screen touch operation more humane, operation of the instrument has become extremely simple, while smaller size, lighter weight, better portability.
4. Easy operation and storage with computer
5. Plug Standard and voltage can be customized by your requirements

Application Field:

This instrument is suitable for all kinds of ultrasonic device measurement, including: ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic horn, ultrasonic mold (tool head), independent piezoelectric ceramic, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, magnetostrictive material, ultrasonic Crushers, ultrasonic atomization, phacoemulsification, ultrasonic descaling, and other devices and equipment that use ultrasound. In the development and production process of ultrasonic equipment, engineers can use ultrasonic frequency measuring instruments to test ultrasonic parts products, and whether their quality, performance and parameters meet the requirements.



1. Do you have it in stock?
We only have common products in stock but not for the nonstandard products.Because all the products need make based on customers' different requirements.

2. Could you advise to us the design based on our special requirements or based on our object samples?
Of course, we can do. Please tell us your idea or your application.
If you have sample object, send it to us or send detail pictures.

3.How long do you make the order product?
Common products for 7days, big qty and none standard products for 20days.

4. Do you have operating manual?
Of course, we will put it with the goods together.

5. How about the quality?
We have export to many other customers from all over the world, the feed back is good,quality is the first of our company.

6. Could you do OEM?
Yes, of course. We can produce according customers' requirement, just send us your requirements and design of drawing and sample.

7. Could we as your agent?
Of course. We are looking for sole agent in Country who have the willing to cooperate with us for long business term.

8. Payment:100%T/T in advance for small order. 70%T/T in advance as deposit, 30%T/T paid before shipment

9. Delivery?
1-2 units we could send by EXPRESS(DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS), heavy weight more than 50kg,we suggest to use sea freight LCL or by air.

10. Warranty:
One years Warranty with none human damage. After warranty time, factory will repair fix it or send the new parts on cost price. We can produce according customers'requirements, OEM is available, pls send me inquiry for quotations.


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