High Quality Ultrasonic Sonicator For CBD Extraction
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High Quality Ultrasonic Sonicator For CBD Extraction

Welcome to our B2B website, where we introduce the Ultrasonic Sonicator for CBD extraction. This state-of-the-art equipment utilizes ultrasonic technology to revolutionize the CBD extraction process, ensuring high-quality extracts with enhanced purity and potency. In this product description, we will explore its features, advantages, and wide range of applications in the CBD industry.
Frequency: 20KHz 
Power: 1000W/500W 
Generator: Digital Type 
Control Method: Manual or external control(RS485: Optional) 
Min order: 1PCS
  • SPS20-1000S

  • SP

  • 8543709990


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a pure natural component extracted from the cannabis plant. It is extracted from the cannabis plant to obtain high-purity CBD, which has important applications in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. In order to ensure the concentration and purity of CBD in the extraction process and reduce the residue of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the product, on the one hand, it is necessary to control the upstream of the industrial chain and obtain the flowers and leaves rich in CBD; on the other hand, it is necessary to develop a technologically advanced and highly commercialized extraction process.

SP TECH Ultrasonics sonicators are high-performance extraction systems, which are simple and safe to operate. In accordance on your raw material, process capacities and output target, SP TECH offers you the most suitable ultrasonic sonicator. SP TECH Ultrasonics extractors can be used for batch and continuous inline extraction and can be used in combination with any solvent. Various accessories such as sonotrodes (probes) of various sizes and shapes, booster horns, flow cells with various volumes and geometries, pluggable temperature and pressure sensors and many other gadgets are available to assemble the ideal ultrasonic setup for your extraction process. Due to the precise control over amplitude, sonication time and duty cycles, optimum process results such as superior yield and highest extract quality can be achieved. SP TECH Ultrasonics’ industrial ultrasonic processors can deliver very high amplitudes. Amplitudes of up to 100µm can be easily continuously run. For even higher amplitudes, customized ultrasonic sonotrodes are available.


Detailed Parameters:
















500 W

1000 W

1600 W



3000 W












35 MPa

35 MPa

35 MPa

Intensity of sound

>10 W/cm⊃2;

>10 W/cm⊃2;

>10 W/cm⊃2;

>40 W/cm⊃2;

>60 W/cm⊃2;

>60 W/cm⊃2;

Processing capacity








Material of probe

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy


Digital type

Digital type

Digital type

Digital type

Digital type

Digital type


1. CBD Oil Production: Enables the efficient extraction of CBD from cannabis plants, contributing to the production of high-quality CBD oils and tinctures.

2. CBD Isolate Manufacturing: Supports the extraction of pure CBD for the production of CBD isolates, which are used in various CBD-infused products.

3. CBD-infused Edibles: Facilitates the extraction of CBD for the formulation of CBD-infused edibles, such as gummies, chocolates, and beverages.

4. CBD Topical Products: Assists in the extraction of CBD for the development of CBD topicals, including creams, lotions, and balms, offering localized relief.

5. CBD Vape Products: Enables the extraction of CBD for the formulation of CBD vape oils and cartridges, providing a convenient and effective method of consumption.

6. CBD Research and Development: Provides researchers with a powerful tool for studying CBD extraction and formulation, advancing knowledge in the field of CBD sciences.

7. CBD Nutraceuticals: Supports the extraction of CBD for the formulation of CBD-based nutraceutical products, combining the health benefits of CBD with other natural ingredients.

8. CBD Cosmetics: Facilitates the extraction of CBD for use in cosmetic formulations, enhancing the effectiveness and natural appeal of skincare and personal care products.

9. CBD Research and Education: Provides educational institutions and research facilities with a reliable tool for studying the chemistry and properties of CBD, contributing to advancements in CBD sciences.

10. CBD Contract Manufacturing: Assists in large-scale CBD extraction for contract manufacturers, ensuring consistent and high-quality CBD extracts for various CBD products.


1. Ultrasonic CBD Extraction: The Ultrasonic Sonicator utilizes high-frequency ultrasonic waves to enhance the extraction of CBD from cannabis plants. This technology efficiently breaks down plant cell walls, allowing for the release of CBD and other beneficial compounds.

2. Precise and Adjustable Parameters: Our sonicator offers precise control over critical extraction parameters such as amplitude, temperature, and processing time. This allows users to optimize the extraction process for different CBD-rich plant material, ensuring maximum efficiency and desired outcomes.

3. Probe and Bath Sonication: The Ultrasonic Sonicator provides both probe and bath sonication options, offering versatility in extraction methods. The probe sonication is ideal for small-scale CBD extraction, while the bath sonication is suitable for larger volumes, accommodating various extraction needs.

4. Real-time Monitoring: Our sonicator features real-time monitoring of key parameters such as temperature and power, allowing users to track and adjust the extraction process as needed. This ensures consistent and reliable results with every CBD extraction.


1. Core parts with Titanium materials

2. Ultrasonic horn with different size and type for selection

3. Matching with digital generator, auto-tuning, auto search frequency

4. With automatic alarm protection, easy to operate

5. Power adjustable from 1% to 99%

6. Amplitude stability, long working hours

7. Provide consulting services and custom reactor designs

8. Custom sizes available for laboratory and high volume industrial applications.

Ultrasonic Sonicator Reviews:

Customers' evalution as follow:

The ultrasonic sonicator works very well.

We improved yield by 5% if we run for 5 minutes.

You have been most kind and helpful. Thank you for your expert communication.

Customers' recognition and trust is our driving force.

Shengpai Technology relies on “Customer Service Being First” as its corporate culture. Aim is ”Quality First, Service First”. Today, because of its abundant professional knowledge and good after-sales service, Shengpai Technology has gained a very good reputation.



ultrasonic probe

ultrasonic sonicator

industrial ultrasonic homogenizer

ultrasonic probe

Packing & Shipping


1. How does ultrasonic extraction enhance the efficiency of CBD extraction?

Ultrasonic extraction utilizes high-frequency vibrations to break down plant cell walls, facilitating the release of CBD and other beneficial compounds, resulting in enhanced extraction efficiency.

2. Can the Ultrasonic Sonicator be customized for different CBD-rich plant material?

Yes, our sonicator offers precise control over extraction parameters, allowing customization for different CBD-rich plant material, ensuring optimal extraction efficiency.

3. What are the advantages of ultrasonic extraction over traditional methods for CBD extraction?

Ultrasonic extraction offers higher extraction yields, shorter extraction times, enhanced purity, and reduced solvent usage compared to traditional methods, making it a superior choice for CBD extraction.

4. How does the Ultrasonic Sonicator ensure the purity of CBD extracts?

The sonicator's gentle yet powerful ultrasonic waves selectively target CBD, allowing for the extraction of pure CBD extracts, free from contaminants and unwanted compounds.

5. Is the Ultrasonic Sonicator suitable for both small-scale and large-scale CBD extraction?

Absolutely, our sonicator is available in various sizes and configurations, catering to both small-scale CBD extraction for research purposes and large-scale industrial CBD production.

6. Can the Ultrasonic Sonicator be used for the extraction of CBD for various CBD-infused products?

Yes, our sonicator is highly effective in the extraction of CBD for a wide range of CBD-infused products, including oils, edibles, topicals, vape products, and more.

7. What industries can benefit from the Ultrasonic Sonicator for CBD extraction?

The Ultrasonic Sonicator benefits industries such as CBD oil production, CBD isolate manufacturing, CBD-infused edibles, CBD topicals, CBD vape products, and CBD research and development.

8. Does the Ultrasonic Sonicator offer pre-programmed settings for common CBD extraction protocols?

Yes, our sonicator features pre-programmed settings for common CBD extraction protocols, ensuring ease of use and saving valuable time.





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