How To Use The Ultrasonic Welding Machine To Weld The Toothpaste Tube
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How To Use The Ultrasonic Welding Machine To Weld The Toothpaste Tube

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Ultrasonic welding toothpaste tube machine is the application of high frequency vibration heating technology and principle:

The plastic tube is fixed on the fixture, and the two sides of the hose mouth are fused together by high pressure through ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, so as to prevent some disadvantages that the sealing is not strong due to foreign matter on the tube wall, and the sealing is beautiful and beautiful.

It is suitable for metering, filling and sealing of various jelly-like objects such as toothpaste, shoe polish pigment, daily chemical products, medical ointment, etc. which use hose tubes as packaging containers. The sealing forms include rounded and right-angled shapes.ultrasonic weld tube

Ultrasonic welding toothpaste tube machine has the following characteristics:

1.The machine adopts touch screen and Siemens PLC control system to complete contactless operation, which is intuitive, convenient and reliable in operation.

2.The machine has compact structure, automatic upper tube, and partially closed transmission.

3.The whole process of tube supply, tube washing, labeling, filling, folding and sealing, coding and production is completed by the fully automatic control system.

4.The pipe supply and washing are completed by pneumatic method, and the action is accurate and reliable.

5.Automatic calibration is done by photoelectric induction.

6.Easy to adjust and disassemble.

7.The intelligent temperature control and cooling system makes the operation simple and the adjustment convenient.

8.Equipped with quantity memory and quantitative shutdown installation.

9.Automatic end-sealing, which can pass through different manipulators on the same machine to obtain two-fold, three-fold, saddle-fold and other end-sealing methods.

10.The material contact part is made of 316L stainless steel, which is clean, hygienic, and fully meets the GMP requirements for drug consumption.

11.Equipped with safety device, open the door to stop, no pipe filling, overload maintenance.

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