How do I operate an ultrasonic sewing machine?
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How do I operate an ultrasonic sewing machine?

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How do I operate an ultrasonic sewing machine?

An ultrasonic sewing machine is mainly used in the production of plastic medical products, for example, masks, which is right now the most common products produced by the ultrasonic sewing machine. The basic working principle of an ultrasonic sewing machine is analogous to that of an ultrasonic welding machine, they all turn the electricity into ultrasonic energy or you can call it mechanical energy to process their working pieces. So, how exactly is the operation process of an ultrasonic sewing machine, please allow me to introduce that to you in the following contents.


l Here is the content list:

l What is an ultrasonic sewing machine

l What are the main functions of an ultrasonic sewing machine?

l What are the steps of operating an ultrasonic sewing machine?


What is an ultrasonic sewing machine?

An ultrasonic sewing machine is a machine that employs ultrasonic technology. The most special part of an ultrasonic sewing machine is a needleless sewing machine. As sewing now is not only the technique used to assemble products, ultrasonic technology can make the product completely sealed without stitches. This technology is revolutionary, and there are hundreds of different models for manufacturers to choose from according to their specific application. The components of an ultrasonic sewing machine are similar to those of an ultrasonic welding machine as well. A power source takes line power at 50 or 60 cycles and then changes it to a hypersonic frequency at 20,000 cycles per second or higher. A converter containing piezoelectric crystals can convert incoming high-frequency electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. A booster that emits vibration energy and increases the amplitude in almost the same way as the volume control of a radio. And a horn that transmits vibration energy to the plastic film or fabric to be processed.

What are the main functions of an ultrasonic sewing machine?

The functions of an ultrasonic sewing machine are various, the most important five functions are listed below:

1. Trimming: Cut off the straight line or curve on one side, and dissolve the edge to make the edge smooth, smooth, without roughness and burrs.

2. Stitching: Two or more layers of fabric are stitched together, and the stitching without needle replacement is wireless, with good welding strength.

3. Punching: Cut out various flower-shaped holes and perform fusion treatment.

4. Hole: Cutting one or more materials at the same time, and there is no burr when processing the edge.

5. Forming: Cutting, sewing and embossing at the same time to form the product immediately.

What are the steps of operating an ultrasonic sewing machine?

The operation of an ultrasonic sewing machine is quite easy, first, you should be sure that this equipment is plugged in with a stable power source since it could be really interrupting to have the production delayed due to a short cut or power failure. Then you should check out the condition of the machines, make sure that the materials are placed in the right position and the rotary wheel well functions. After that, use your controlling panel to set the production index, such as the pattern of the production and the expected output so that this machine can be parallel with all the modules on the production line. After doing all those actions mentioned above, you can safely start the operation.


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