How does ultrasonic sewing machine work?
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How does ultrasonic sewing machine work?

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How does ultrasonic sewing machine work?

Ultrasonic sewing machines use flexible options to simultaneously cut, stitch, fold, trim and slit. It does not require threats or needles and can block about 18 meters in one minute, in other words, an ultrasonic sewing machine is fast and efficient. The basic working principle of an ultrasonic sewing machine is analogous to that of an ultrasonic welding machine, they all turn the electricity into ultrasonic energy or you can call it mechanical energy to process their working pieces. So, how exactly does an ultrasonic sewing machine work? Please allow me to introduce that to you in the following contents.


l  Here is the content list:

l  What is an ultrasonic sewing machine?

l  What are the components of an ultrasonic sewing machine?

l  What are the working principles of an ultrasonic sewing machine?

ultrasonic sewing machine


What is an ultrasonic sewing machine?

Ultrasonic sewing is a needleless technique. Now, sewing is not the only technique used to assemble products. Now, ultrasonic technology can make the product completely sealed without stitches. An ultrasonic sewing machine can quickly seal, stitch and trim synthetic fibers without the use of thread, glue or other consumables. Although similar in appearance and operation to traditional sewing machines, the ultrasonic sewing machine has a larger gap between the wheel and the corner cylinder, making it ideal for manual guidance applications with narrow tolerances or cornering. An ultrasonic sewing machine’s ultrasonic bonding eliminates the problems of needle and thread breakage, thread colour change and thread loosening. The production speed of an ultrasonic sewing machine is 4 times faster than a sewing machine, heat sealing machine and glueing machine, so it is very cost-effective. Generally, an ultrasonic sewing machine is designed for special applications in the textile, apparel and engineered fabric industries. There are a variety of interchangeable pattern rollers that can be used for slitting, embossing and "stitching", as well as custom pattern wheels designed by operators.

What are the components of an ultrasonic sewing machine?

Well, the full range of the components of an ultrasonic sewing machine is quite long, so to put it more briefly, I will mainly discuss the acoustic components for an ultrasonic sewing machine. The first one is the generator, it converts the electrical frequency of the mains into the corresponding high-frequency electrical energy. And then, the piezoelectric transducer converts the electricity into mechanical vibration of the same frequency. Then, the energy is mechanical and are ready to be used. A booster or amplitude amplifier is used to increase or decrease the amplitude produced by the converter. Finally, the ultrasonic generator is the last element of the ultrasonic working chain, as it transmits ultrasonic energy to the workpiece that is going to be sewed.


What are the working principles of an ultrasonic sewing machine?

After watching me introducing all the information about an ultrasonic sewing machine, I guess you must be wondering how does this magical machine work? The working principle of it is quite easy, as ultrasonic bonding is achieved by transmitting high-frequency vibrations to the fabric. When a synthetic or non-woven material passes between the corner of the ultrasonic device and the anvil, the vibration will be directly transmitted to the fabric, thereby rapidly generating heat in the fabric. The heat causes the synthetic fibers of the material to melt and fuse, forming bonded seams that will not fray or spread. So, without any additional glue or heat, the seam is completed. That is why it is called a needleless machine.


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