How many types of ultrasonic assisted machining are there?
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How many types of ultrasonic assisted machining are there?

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How many types of ultrasonic assisted machining are there?

Ultrasonic machining is about combining ultrasonic vibration with conventional machining such as drilling, reaming, turning, and milling etc., to change the cutting process, reduce the dynamic friction, reduce the cutting forces and reduce heat generation in the cutting. So, how many types of ultrasonic assisted machining are there? Please allow me to introduce that to you in the following contents.

Here is the content list:

  • What is ultrasonic vibration assisted processing?

  • What are the main types of ultrasonic assisted machining?

What is ultrasonic vibration assisted processing?

Ultrasonic vibration assisted machining (UVA) is a process that uses micro-high frequency vibration to be applied to cutting tools to improve material removal efficiency. The principle is to make the interaction between the tool and the workpiece a microscopically non-monotonous process to promote chip separation and reduce processing force. It can also reduce the deformation area in the workpiece being machined, thereby improving the surface integrity of the machined part. There are several types of UVA processing methods, the difference lies in the direction of vibration introduced relative to the cutting direction. The application of UVA processing on various workpiece materials shows that this process can significantly improve the processing performance. The key aspects of ultrasonic vibration assisted machining are cutting kinematics and dynamics, the influence of workpiece materials, and the wear of cutting tools. The range of suitable products for ultrasonic vibration assisted processing covers a wide range of workpiece materials, including metal alloys, ceramics, and amorphous materials and composite materials.

What are the main types of ultrasonic assisted machining?

As I have mentioned above, there are multiple types of ultrasonic assisted machining, and they are differentiated by the special usages and working principles of them. The most common types of ultrasonic assisted machining concerning vibration assisted processing are rotary ultrasonic vibration machining (RUM) and chemical-assisted ultrasonic machining (CUSM). In rotary ultrasonic vibration machining, the vertical vibration tool can rotate around the vertical centerline of the tool. Instead of using an abrasive slurry to remove material, the surface of the tool is filled with diamonds that are ground along the surface of the part. Rotary ultrasonic vibration machining is a relatively new manufacturing process, which is still under extensive research. Currently, researchers are trying to adjust this process to a micro level and allow the machine to operate similar to a milling machine. In chemical-assisted ultrasonic machining, chemically reactive grinding fluids are used to ensure greater processing of glass and ceramic materials. Compared with traditional ultrasonic processing, the use of acidic solutions such as hydrofluoric acid can greatly improve processing performance, such as material removal rate and surface quality. Although the use of CUSM can save processing time and reduce surface roughness, the diameter of the inlet profile is slightly larger than the normal diameter due to the additional chemical reactivity of the new slurry selection. To limit the extent of this expansion, the acid content in the slurry must be carefully selected to ensure user safety and high-quality products. 

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