How to choose a nice ultrasonic spot welding machine to buy?
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How to choose a nice ultrasonic spot welding machine to buy?

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How to choose a nice ultrasonic spot welding machine to buy?

The ultrasonic spot welding machine is a kind of machine that is used widely in industrial process. During such a process, high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations are locally applied to the workpieces that held together under pressure to form a solid-state weld. It is usually used for plastics and metals, especially for connecting dissimilar materials. So, if you a businessman,u how to choose a reliable ultrasonic spot welding machine to boost your production? Please let me introduce this to you in the following contents.


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What is an ultrasonic spot welding machine?

What are the main components of an ultrasonic spot welding machine?

How to choose a reliable ultrasonic spot welding machine?


What is an ultrasonic spot welding machine?

An ultrasonic spot welding machine is a sub type of ultrasonic welding machines, and it is generally smaller than the normal type for mass production, since many types of ultrasonic spot welding machine are portable and handheld, the working principle and working process of an ultrasonic spot welding machine are analogous to those of a normal type ultrasonic welding machine. As they are all made up of 5 key components (which I will discuss in the contents below). Basically, an ultrasonic spot welding machine is used to weld overlapping metal sheets by applying pressure to the metals that are needed to be welded together and supplying current. The thickness of the metal that can be spot welded ranges from 0.02 inches to 0.118 inches. The pressure point applied by the copper electrode provides a stable welding point, so that makes sure the reliability of this equipment.

What are the main components of an ultrasonic spot welding machine?

The components of a spot welding machine are as follows:

A press, usually pneumatically or electrically driven, used to assemble two parts under pressure

Place a nest or anvil or fixture for the part and allow high-frequency vibration to be transmitted to the interface. An ultrasonic stack consisting of a transducer or piezoelectric transducer, optional intensifier and horn. All three elements in the stack are specially adjusted to resonate at the same ultrasonic frequency. A converter: Use the piezoelectric effect to convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. A booster: mechanically change the amplitude of vibration. It is also used in standard systems to clamp the pile of paper in the press. A welding head: Using the shape of the part, the amplitude can also be changed mechanically, and mechanical vibration is applied to the part to be welded. The electronic ultrasonic generator or you can call it a power supply, provides a high-power electrical signal whose frequency matches the resonance frequency of the chimney. Finally, the controller controls the movement of the press and the transmission of ultrasonic energy.

How to choose a reliable ultrasonic spot welding machine?

So, now you have understood the components, the basic working process and the main functions of the ultrasonic spot welding machine, the only question left is how to choose one for your needs. To answer this question, you will have to consider five factors, the first is the price, of course, as it is one of the biggest reasons why you buy a spot welder or skip it and move on to the next product. The price varies depending on the brand and the function of the spot welder. Make sure you have budgeted according to your needs-these welders are sometimes expensive, but in most cases, they are worth every penny. The second is the warranty since most brands provide some form of warranty to make sure you can buy with confidence. Be sure to check the warranty period of the welder you choose so that if something goes wrong, you won't feel like a fool. In some cases, a common ultrasonic spot welding machine can be not so reliable since you may have to remove or tear the solder joints. This situation is most likely to happen if you use a welder in a project that involves automatic repairs or spot welding of large numbers of metal plates. At this time, a good welding machine will stand out from other welding machines. You will be able to perform repairs easily and save more raw material metal. So please be sure that the one you picked is a high-quality one.


If you are looking for a reliable ultrasonic spot welding machine to purchase, please make sure you check out the ones in Hangzhou Shengpai Technology Co., Ltd, their nice and high-quality machines are definitely appealing to your unique taste.



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