How to solve ultrasonic welding strength is not enough
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How to solve ultrasonic welding strength is not enough

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Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment will appear in the work of plastic parts welding is not stable, virtual welding problems, generally by the following several situations.

1. Factors of insufficient ultrasonic welding strength -- Air pressure problem

Many ultrasonic welding machine manufacturers are troubled by the problem of unstable air pressure in the customer's factory after selling the machine. Pressure instability is also an important factor leading to ultrasonic welding is not stable, first of all, the new machine will go through strict internal test before leaving the factory, to determine that there is no problem before the normal shipment.However, there will be a variety of welding problems when the machine is used by the guests, because before purchasing the machine will generally take the sample to test the machine, and ensure that the machine will be shipped after the sample test is no problem. Then why will there be a problem of insufficient welding strength at the customer's side.After a long time of observation, it was found that it was caused by the unstable air pressure in the customer's factory workshop. Only when the machine was used normally at work, there was no phenomenon of unstable welding. The problem appeared again at normal working hours, so we judged that it was the unstable air pressure that affected the normal welding of ultrasonic welding machine. Because in normal work, many equipment using gas work at the same time and the pressure will be reduced when the gas passes far. The solution is that if it is a large machine welding smaller products, you can try to replace a smaller cylinder, or add an independent air compressor to supply air to the ultrasonic plastic welder.

2. Factors of insufficient ultrasonic welding strength--The frame is not precise enough

The ultrasonic welding machine seems to be a device with no difficulty except for the ultrasonic system. In fact, this is a wrong view. Although the ultrasonic generator is the core part of the ultrasonic welding machine, in addition to the generator part, there is also the frame of the plastic welding machine. If the design of a set of racks is not reasonable enough and the processing is not precise enough, it is likely to directly affect the welding qualification rate of your products during use. Fastness, and if the processing is not precise and rough, it is impossible to find the balance position of the mold when changing the mold, so it may also cause the welding product to fail to be welded.

3. Factors of insufficient ultrasonic welding strength--Insufficient ultrasonic power

Insufficient power of ultrasonic generator is also a factor that leads to weak welding. Considering that many factories will choose cheap machines when purchasing machines, but they ignore the processing and use of other products in the later stage of the machine. The ultrasonic power is not large enough. The area of the welded products exceeds If the welding range is exceeded, it will also lead to weak welding. As a solution, try to buy a plastic welding machine with high power to ensure subsequent use.

4. Factors of insufficient ultrasonic welding strength--Problems with plastic materials

There are many plastic materials that can be welded by using ultrasonic waves. If other materials are added to the materials that can use ultrasonic welding machines, it will also affect the welding strength. For example, adding glass fiber to the PC will affect the fastness of the entire welding. The solution is to use a single thermoplastic material. The above are the common problems of weak welding of ultrasonic plastic welding machines, but there are also other problems caused by them. These are relatively invisible problems, and it is difficult to find out if you don’t pay attention.

5. Factors of insufficient ultrasonic welding strength--Equipment parameter adjustment problem

After receiving the equipment, many customers reported that the welding effect was not ideal, and the welding effect of the samples proofed before delivery was good. For the occurrence of this kind of situation, generally speaking, the manufacturer will debug and lock the welding parameters before going out, and the equipment can be used after powering on and ventilating at the customer's site. The main reason for such problems is that the equipment has certain bumps during transportation, such as the rack is not locked and slides down, and the parameter button is accidentally touched when unpacking.

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