Information on ultrasonic transducer
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Information on ultrasonic transducer

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Information on ultrasonic transducer

The ultrasonic transducer device consists of a central electricity ceramic part, front and rear metal cowl plates, pre-stressed screws, conductor sheets, and insulated tubes. This sandwich transducer (also known as bolt fastening transducer) produces stable ultrasonic waves when the load changes and is the most basic and primary method of obtaining a power ultrasonic drive source. According to different designs, the shape of ultrasonic transducer mainly includes column type (same diameter of front and rear metal cover), horn type (diameter of the front cover is excessively reduced by arc), and column type with a part in the middle.

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l Functional structure

l Applications

l Common problems

Functional structure

Ultrasonic transducer, including the shell, matching layer that is the sound window, piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer, backing, lead-in cable, which is characterized by it also includes Cymbal array receiver, which consists of lead-in cable, 8 to 16 Cymbal transducer, metal ring, and rubber gasket; Cymbal array receiver is located above the disc type piezoelectric transducer 3; piezoelectric ceramic disc electrical device used because the percussion instrument array receiver is found higher than the disc-type electricity electrical device associate  is employed as an supersonic receiver to receiver echo signals the band of the disc electrical device.


Distance measurement

The ultrasonic distancemeasuring device is also called an acoustic ruler. It is used to measure the pulse time interval by means of a dual-use transducer. It can measure distances up to 10m with an accuracy of a few thousandths of a second.

Information acquisition

Intelligent robot to achieve free walking in space, identify objects and other functions, not only to use ultrasonic transducer distance guidance but also to image recognition. Therefore, the need for a small ultrasonic transducer array to achieve a variety of functions, this area will become an important research topic, attracting many scientists to work for it.

Common problems

Ultrasonic oscillator moisture, you can use a megohmmeter to check the plug connected to the transducer, check the insulation resistance value can determine the basic situation, the general requirements of insulation resistance greater than 5 megohms or more. If you can not reach this insulation resistance value, which is generally the transducer moisture, you can put the transducer as a whole (excluding the sprayed shell) into the oven set at 100 ℃ dryings for about 3 hours or use the hairdryer to moisture to the normal resistance value.

Transducer oscillator fire, ceramic material broken, you can use the naked eye and megohmmeter combination check, generally as a measure of emergency treatment, you can disconnect the individual broken generator, won't have an effect on the conventional use of alternative oscillators. Vibrator decoupling, our transducer is the use of gluing, screw fastening double assurance process, in general, this situation will not occur.

Stainless steel moving surface perforation, general electrical device full load use ten years could seem vibration surface perforation.

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