Introduction of ultrasonic sonochemistry information
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Introduction of ultrasonic sonochemistry information

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Introduction of ultrasonic sonochemistry information

The ultrasonic chemical treatment deviceis made by using cavitation, strong shock waves, and micro-jets, using the local high temperature and pressure generated by ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic acoustic chemistry promotes violent interactions between particles, increases the speed of chemical reactions, shortens reaction time, and improves the selection of reaction properties, and reactions must be carried out under the necessary conditions to be the norm. So what are the performance advantages of ultrasonic acoustic chemistry and the areas of application? The following is a detailed description.

Here is the content list:

l Performance advantages of ultrasonic acoustic chemistry

l Application areas of ultrasonic acoustic chemistry

Performance advantages of ultrasonic acoustic chemistry

The ultrasonic acoustic chemistry instrument adopts intelligent control technology to achieve stable amplitude output of ultrasonic amplitude and ensure uniform and stable cavitation effect adopts automatic frequency matching mode to ensure that the ultrasonic transducer works at the best time each time. The system has two working modes: continuous and intermittent. The system can be set independently for ultrasonic working time, which is convenient for experimental analysis. The system adopts a focusing design with high energy density, which significantly improves the experimental efficiency. The system has a variety of protection mechanisms to ensure stable operation and long life. The system adopts a 5V fan with a high safety factor.

Application areas of ultrasonic acoustic chemistry

1)Ultrasonic treatment of chemical extraction, biodiesel production, organic synthesis, microbial treatment, degradation of toxic organic pollutants, chemical reaction rate and yield, the catalytic efficiency of catalysts, biodegradation treatment, ultrasonic anti-scaling, biological cell crushing, dispersion, and coagulation A small local environment that is very favorable to the reaction process can greatly improve the reaction rate and reduce the reaction conditions.

2)Comparison of the effect of each application field

Chinese medicine extraction: the addition of ultrasonic equipment can increase the leaching rate by 30-50%;

Ballast water treatment: with ultraviolet light to assist in killing algae ;

Food sterilization: adding an ultrasonic system in the original process can reduce the number of colonies by 30%;

Emulsification: instead of high-shear emulsification, emulsification particle size 1um;

High-pressure high-temperature container cleaning: completely solve the problem of filtration, sludge, clogging, etc;

Fine particle dispersion: the fine particles gathered in the dispersion;

Biodiesel production: adding this ultrasonic system to the original equipment can increase the original output by about 30%;

Petroleum industry applications: crude oil dewatering, crude oil emulsion breaking;

Biochemistry: cell fragmentation.

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