Modern and traditional ultrasonic cutting machine differences
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Modern and traditional ultrasonic cutting machine differences

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Modern and traditional ultrasonic cutting machine differences

Ultrasonic cutting is a class of equipment that uses ultrasonic energy to cut. The principle is totally completely different from traditional cutting. Inaudible material cutting machine uses the energy of inaudible waves to soften the native heating of the fabric to be cut, to realize the aim of cutting the fabric. Unlike traditional blade cutting, ultrasonic cutting has the advantages of smoothness, accurate cutting edge, no pilling, linting, wrinkling, and puckering. It avoids the disadvantages of laser cutting machines such as roughness and pilling. An ultrasonic cutting machine is used to cut rubber, synthetic fiber, fabric, plastic, sheet metal, food, etc.

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l Differentiate from traditional cutting

l Modern ultrasonic cutting machine advantages

Differentiate from traditional cutting

An ultrasonic cutting machineis a machine that uses wave energy for the cutting process, the biggest feature is that it does not use the traditional edge. Traditional cutting uses a tool with a sharp edge that is pressed against the material being cut. Its pressure is concentrated at the edge and the pressure is so strong that it exceeds the shear strength of the material being cut, and the molecular bond of the material is pulled apart and cut away. Since the material is pulled apart by the strong pressure hard, the cutting tool edge should be very sharp, and the material itself should also be subjected to relatively high pressure. The cutting result isn't smart for soft and elastic materials, and it's harder for sticky materials

Modern ultrasonic cutting machine advantages

Modern ultrasonic cutting machine features do not require a sharp knife-edge, do not require a lot of pressure, will not be chipped and broken on the cutting material. Cutting knife in doing ultrasonic vibration, friction resistance is particularly small, the material being cut is not easy to stick to the blade, the cutting effect on frozen, viscous, elastic material is obvious. Such as food, rubber, or inconvenient to add pressure to the object cutting, particularly effective. Cutting at the same time, the cutting area has a fusion effect, sealing the cutting area, can prevent the loose tissue of the material from being cut (such as textile material flying edge). The use of the inaudible cutting machine may also be extended, like dig holes, shovel dig, scraping paint, engraving, slitting, etc.

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