New Material for Electronic Products - Graphene
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New Material for Electronic Products - Graphene

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New Material for Electronic Products - Graphene

New Material for Electronic Products - Graphene

Graphene is a two-dimensional network carbon material formed by the hybridization of carbon atoms with sp2 orbitals, in which each carbon atom forms a C-C σ bond with its adjacent 3 carbon atoms, and is closely arranged in a regular hexagon to form a stable structure. .

The theoretical thickness of single-layer graphene is 0.35 nm, with a large specific surface area (up to 2630 m2/g), ultra-high mechanical properties (Young's modulus up to 1100 GPa, breaking strength up to 130 GPa), ultra-fast current carrying sub-mobility (up to 15 000 cm2/(V s)).

New Material for Electronic Products - Graphene

The digital age has arrived thanks to the application of silicon.But with new materials, integrated circuits can be made cheaper/faster and smaller.Among many materials, graphene can be selected.The application of graphene has many advantages, such as super conductivity/light transmission and super strength.

Using graphene, it is possible to make ultra-fast electronic devices as well as display devices that can be bent. Graphene has already found applications in memory and new types of transistors. At the same time, graphene is also the material with the best electrical conductivity, which is more suitable for high-frequency circuits.

The application of graphene can increase the frequency, so it has great practical value in the field of microelectronics.

Preparation method of graphene

The principle of the solvent exfoliation method is to disperse a small amount of graphite in a solvent to form a low-concentration dispersion liquid, and use the action of ultrasonic waves to destroy the van der Waals force between the graphite layers.

At this time, the solvent can be inserted between the graphite layers,Layer-by-layer exfoliation to obtain graphene.

This method does not destroy the structure of graphene like the oxidation-reduction method, and can prepare high-quality graphene.

The highest yield of graphene (approximately 8%) was found in nitrogen methyl pyrrolidone and conductivity is 6500S/m .

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