The use and application of the ultrasonic measuring instrument
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The use and application of the ultrasonic measuring instrument

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The use and application of the ultrasonic measuring instrument

Ultrasonic impedance tester, also called ultrasonic frequency measuring instrument, ultrasonic transducer parameter analyzer, ultrasonic transducer impedance tester, ultrasonic performance analyzer, this instrument consists of two parts: hardware and software.

Ultrasonic impedance analyzer especially in the ultrasonic equipment development, production process, how to know whether the ultrasonic parts involved in the product meets the requirements, its quality, performance, parameters, it is necessary to use ultrasonic impedance measuring instrument to detect.

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l Ultrasonic impedance analyzer use method

l Application of ultrasonic impedance measuring instrument

Ultrasonic impedance analyzer use method

Conventional type

Before measurement, first with a short wire, short connection transducer positive and negative, to prevent the transducer electrostatic breakdown of the tester chip, and then the tester positive and negative clamps on the transducer, set the starting frequency and termination frequency, such as 20khz transducer actually frequency set to 19khz termination frequency set to 22khz, press the test button, you can measure, measurement is completed within 1 minute. We can see all the parameters and curve spectrum graph, for the transducer has double wave, or poor quality can be judged by the curve.

Portable type

The 2 clips of the tester are clamped on the positive and negative poles of the transducer, note that the transducer should not be energized, do not test with electricity, need to short-circuit the positive and negative poles, and then clip on the clips after discharge, then turn on the power, open the phone's software, set the starting frequency and termination frequency, such as 28k transducer or mold, set the starting frequency 27, termination frequency 29, and then point to start, the curve and parameters automatically come out. All the data can come out in about 30s, a point above the linear, arrow, you can read, linear, logarithmic, GB circle. GB circle is the conduction circle. All parameters at a glance, if you want to test the weld head frequency, you need to screw the weld head to the transducer, this time the measurement is the weld head and die integrated frequency impedance.

This portable impedance analyzer is mainly used for the performance measurement of the ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic varactor, piezoelectric ceramic, capacitor and inductor devices, etc. It is one of the convenient tools for impedance scanning and characterization of ultrasonic devices, wherever you go, you can quickly and easily test the parameter characteristics of the devices and share them remotely as you go.

Application of ultrasonic impedance measuring instrument

This instrument applies to all kinds of ultrasonic device measurement, including ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic variable amplitude rod, ultrasonic mold (tool head), independent piezoelectric ceramics, transducer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, water sound, magnetostrictive materials, ultrasonic pulverizer, ultrasonic atomization, ultrasonic dental cleaning, reversing, ultrasonic distance measurement, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic descaling, ultrasonic motor, and all other devices and equipment that use piezoelectricity and ultrasound.

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