Ultrasonic measuring instrument information introduction
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Ultrasonic measuring instrument information introduction

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Ultrasonic measuring instrument information introduction

Ultrasonic amplitude measuring instrument is a device for measuring ultrasonic amplitude, which can be used to measure the output amplitude of ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic amplitude variation bar, and tool head.

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l Brief introduction

l Significance

l Product features

Brief introduction

Ultrasonic amplitude refers to the amplitude of ultrasonic equipment, usual frequency between 10kHz ~ 60kHz, amplitude between 1μm ~ 200μm, due to the high frequency and small amplitude measurement is also larger. The frequency of ultrasonic welding equipment, beyond the frequency range of the vast majority of measuring instruments. Ultrasonic welding equipment amplitude, and the high requirements for measurement accuracy. Commonly used test methods can not do anything about it, so it is difficult to measure. Generally can only be measured with a laser vibrometer, which can get better results. But the laser vibration measurement equipment is expensive, complex operation, production units, and professional research and design units are rarely used.


For any ultrasonic equipment, whether it is ultrasonic plastic welding, or ultrasonic acoustic chemical applications, ultrasonic power and frequency, load characteristics, and amplitude of these three parameters. If the ultrasonic equipment and the object of action are determined, the frequency and load characteristics remain constant, and the only parameter that affects the ultrasonic power is the amplitude. Because the amplitude is difficult to measure, most of the equipment manufacturers and users, but also do not understand.

In the vast majority of ultrasonic random equipment manuals, there are few instructions on ultrasonic amplitude, including the physical meaning of amplitude, amplitude control and adjustment, amplitude, and the actual effect of the relationship.

The amplitude of ultrasonic vibration directly represents the size of the ultrasonic output energy but also relates to the strength of the relevant materials and the service life of the machine. With the continuous development of ultrasound application technology, people's understanding of ultrasound continues to deepen, to provide users with accurate ultrasonic amplitude parameters, ultrasonic manufacturers or ultrasonic users have become increasingly important.

Product features

Compact design: the small size of the equipment, consisting only of the meter head and bracket, without an external power supply;

Reasonable structure: suitable for measuring the output amplitude of various ultrasonic welding equipment;

Simple operation: easy to use steps;

Accurate measurement: the measurement accuracy reaches 1 micron.

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