Ultrasonic plastic welding machine composition structure
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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine composition structure

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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine composition structure

The ultrasonic plastic welding machine consists of the gas transmission, system, supersonic generator, electrical device and gear head, etc.

Here is the content list:

l Pneumatic transmission system

l Control system

l Ultrasonic generator

l Transducer

l Tool Head

Pneumatic transmission system

The pneumatic transmission system includes: over the Hu, pressure reducing valve, oil mist, commutator, throttle valve, cylinder, etc.

Work first by the air compressor drive stroke cylinder to drive the ultrasonic transducer vibration system up and down, power air pressure in the small and medium power ultrasonic welding air pressure according to the welding needs of the adjustment.

Control system

The Control system consists of a time relay or integrated circuit time timer. The main functions are: first, to control the work of the gas transmission system, so that when it is welding under the timing control to open the gas valve, the cylinder pressure to make the welding head down to a certain pressure to press the object being welded when the welding is completed to keep pressure for a period of time, and then the control system will gas valve reversal so that the welding head back up to reset; second is to control the ultrasonic generator working time, the operation only start button to generate a trigger pulse, it can automatically finish In this welding process. The sequence of the entire control system is: power start a trigger control signal pneumatic transmission system, the cylinder pressurized welding head down and pressed welding trigger ultrasonic generator work, the emission of ultrasound and maintain a certain welding time remove ultrasound emission continue to maintain a certain pressure time decompression, the welding head back up welding end.

Ultrasonic generator(Power supply)

(1) the power of the larger ultrasonic plastic welding machine, the generator signal using phase-locked frequency automatic tracking circuit, so that the generator output frequency is basically the same as the resonant frequency of the transducer.

(2) power in more than 500W ultrasonic plastic welding machine used in the generator using self-excited power oscillator, also has a certain frequency tracking capability.


The acoustic system used in ultrasonic plastic welding machines consists of three components: 1, driving part 2, fixed parts 3, working parts. In the above three components, the drive is the core, generally using a bolt-clamped longitudinal vibration transducer, where the half-wavelength longitudinal oscillator with a quarter-wavelength longitudinal oscillator, half-wavelength longitudinal vibration, and half-wavelength concentrator connected to form a full-wavelength plastic welding transducer, while the quarter-wavelength longitudinal oscillator and quarter-wavelength concentrator connected to form a half-wavelength transducer.


Different horns are needed for various fastening objects. whether or not it's near-field fastening or transmission fastening, solely a half-wavelength horns are able to do the utmost amplitude on the fastening finish. Toolheads, both with and without amplification, is available. Plastic welding machine with acoustic system horn, the material used is usually aluminum alloy, its end face plated carbide, the power is also made of titanium alloy material, the material fatigue strength is more than twice as high than aluminum alloy.

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