What are the advantages of using an ultrasonic welding machine?
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What are the advantages of using an ultrasonic welding machine?

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What are the advantages of using an ultrasonic welding machine?

The ultrasonic welding machine is a very mild joining machine for thermoplastic materials and non-ferrous metals. In the plastic processing industry, the manual workstation has many uses. The user manually loads the plastic parts to be connected and then takes them out from the ultrasonic welder after welding. Depending on the size and geometry of the components, one or more ultrasonic electrodes can be used to weld these components. Some automation solutions support the workflow of producing high-quality thermoplastic products. So, what exactly are the advantages of an ultrasonic welding machine? Please let me introduce this to you in the following contents.


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What is the ultrasonic welding technique?

What are the main functions of an ultrasonic welding machine?

What are the advantages of using an ultrasonic welding machine?


What is the ultrasonic welding technique?

The ultrasonic welding technology is one of the most popular welding techniques in the welding industry. It is fast, economical, and easy to automate. It is very suitable for mass production, with a maximum productivity of up to 60 parts per minute. Ultrasonic welding uses high-frequency (20-40kHz) ultrasonic energy to generate low-amplitude (1-25μm) mechanical vibration. The vibration generates heat at the joint interface of the welded part to melt the thermoplastic material and form a weld after cooling. Ultrasonic welding is currently the fastest known welding technology, and the welding time is generally between 0.1 and 1.0 seconds. Ultrasonic welding technique is used in almost all major industries, such as automobiles, electronics, medical, packaging, etc. The limitation of ultrasonic welding is that the current technology cannot weld large joints at once. Besides, the joint details need to be specially designed. Ultrasonic vibration can also damage electrical components, but the use of higher frequency equipment can reduce this damage.

What are the main functions of an ultrasonic welding machine?

Of course, the essential function of an ultrasonic welding machine is to wield materials and parts together, but this concept is too vague and is needed to be specified. The ultrasonic welding machine is especially for thermoplastic materials. It is a welding machine that uses a mechanical vibration to generate heat through molecular friction. This key function of an ultrasonic welding machine is performed by a dynamic high-performance ultrasonic generator, which continuously generates high-frequency electric vibration. Through the piezoelectric effect in the ultrasonic transducer, it can be converted into mechanical vibration. These vibrations excite the molecules in the plastic, causing them to start moving. The plastic softened and began to melt. Since the components are bonded by bonding or forming joints. After being under pressure for a short period of time, they can be firmly bonded together. This technology is the first choice for mass production in the automotive, electrical, medical, packaging, sanitary and filter industries. Also, If the material and design of the parts are suitable for an ultrasonic welding machine then good bonding quality is highly possible to be obtained in terms of strength, tightness and visual appearance.


What are the advantages of using an ultrasonic welding machine?

There are lots of advantages concerning the use of an ultrasonic welding machine. First, an ultrasonic welding machine usually has a robust design that prevents costly manufacturing downtime. Secondly, the components of an ultrasonic welding machine are easy to integrate due to their modularity of them. Thirdly, an ultrasonic welding machine can also reduce its downtime by replacing the components of it. Fourthly, a fine ultrasonic welding machine is assured to have proven quality and long-term availability of spare parts. Apart from those advantages, the biggest merit of an ultrasonic welding machine is its fast production, a fine type of such machine can wield only within 0.1 to 1.0 seconds, so it can at least wield for 60 times in a minute. The production volume of it is massive as well. All of these merits make it the most advantageous welding machine for mass production in various industries.



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