What are the applications of the ultrasonic transducer?
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What are the applications of the ultrasonic transducer?

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What are the applications of the ultrasonic transducer?

The application of ultrasonic transducerdevice is incredibly wide, it's divided into the business, agriculture, transportation, life, medical and military in line with the appliance of the business. According to the realization of the function is divided into ultrasonic processing, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic detection, detection, monitoring, telemetry, remote control, etc.; according to the working environment is divided into liquid, gas, biological organisms, etc.; according to the nature of power ultrasonic, detection ultrasonic, ultrasonic imaging, etc.

Here is the content list:

l Ultrasonic motor

l Ultrasonic cleaning

l Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic motor

The ultrasonic motor is the stator as a transducer, the use of piezoelectric crystal inverse piezoelectric effect of the motor stator in the ultrasonic frequency vibration, and then rely on the friction between the stator and rotor to transfer energy, drive the rotor rotation. Ultrasonic motors area unit tiny in size, high in torsion, high in resolution, straightforward in structure, direct drive, no brake mechanism, no bearing mechanism, these blessings area unit useful to the miniaturisation of the device. Ultrasonic motors are widely used in optical instruments, lasers, semiconductor microelectronics processes, precision machinery and instruments, robotics, medical and biological engineering fields.

Ultrasonic cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of ultrasonic waves in the cleaning fluid when the propagation of cavitation, radiation pressure, acoustic flow, and other physical effects, the cleaning of the dirt on the mechanical peeling effect while promoting the chemical reaction between the cleaning fluid and dirt, to achieve the purpose of cleaning objects. Ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency used according to the size and purpose of the cleaning object can be selected from 10 to 500 kHz, generally more than 20 to 50 kHz. With the increase in the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer, can be used Langzhi Wan oscillator, longitudinal oscillator, thickness oscillator, etc. In miniaturization, there are also radial vibrations and bending vibrations of the circular piece vibrator. Ultrasonic cleaning in a variety of industrial, agricultural, household equipment, electronics, automotive, rubber, printing, aircraft, food, hospitals and medical research, and other industries have been more and more widely used.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic attachment has ultrasonic metal attachment and ultrasonic plastic attachment two classes. Among them, ultrasonic plastic welding technology has gained more common applications. It is the use of the transducer generated by ultrasonic vibration, through the upper welding parts of ultrasonic vibration energy transmission to the welding area. As the welding area is the junction of the two welders' acoustic resistance, so will produce local high-temperature plastic melting, in contact with the role of pressure to complete the welding work. Ultrasonic plastic attachment will facilitate the attachment of elements that can't be welded by different attachment strategies. In addition, it also saves the cost of expensive molds for plastic products, shortens processing time, improves production efficiency, and is economical, fast, and reliable.

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