What are the features of ultrasonic sewing machine?
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What are the features of ultrasonic sewing machine?

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What are the features of ultrasonic sewing machine?

The seamless ultrasonic welding technology used by ultrasonic sewing machines has played a key role in facilitating the rapid growth of the number of nonwoven products as well as their growth in this market segment.


What are the daily applications of ultrasonic sewing machine?

What are the features of ultrasonic sewing machine?

Why can ultrasonic sewing machine reduce production costs?



What are the daily applications of ultrasonic sewing machine?

Disposable nonwovens are widely used whether it is sterile packaged surgical dressing sets or personal protective equipment (such as surgical hoods and N95 masks, overalls, gowns and foot covers), disposable nonwovens can provide an effective and cost-effective barrier against microbes and contamination. Their versatility extends to many other products, including hygiene and absorption products, from shields and pads to diapers, underwear and disposable filters. The above products are all made with an ultrasonic sewing machine using seamless welding of nonwovens.


What are the features of ultrasonic sewing machine?

1. Fast

Even when sewing or laminating with an ultrasonic sewing machine, it is very fast and can make individual connections in fractions of a second. It also quickly sticks through seams for everything from disposable medication, surgical masks and face protection to disposable hygiene products, diapers, gowns, filter media and more. Fast, strong and repeatable bonds remain as strong as the starting material. Fast production with minimal energy consumption reduces the cost of disposable absorbents and infection control products.

2. Good sewing effect

Compared to sewing, the ultrasonic sewing machine can produce high-strength seams with high integrity without the need for stitches and without the need to create mechanical holes in the fabric that can absorb and hide microorganisms or impurities. It also eliminates the need for adhesives, including increased application effort, increased time required for setup and drying, and increased exposure to chemical impurities. Ultrasonic seams are ready for use immediately after their manufacture.


Why can ultrasonic sewing machine reduce production costs?

The seamless welding technology used in ultrasonic sewing machines reduces waste in the production process. In the traditional sewing process, the needle often breaks, resulting in a lot of waste. And since there are no threads in ultrasonically welded garments, the threads do not deteriorate over time, reducing a lot of material and waste. At the same time, it is very environmentally friendly, which makes ultrasonic seam technology a "green" technology. No solvents or adhesives are needed to bond the nonwovens together. Ultrasonic sealing differs from thermal bonding in that fiber degradation is minimized due to the use of ultrasonic energy to generate thermal energy within the fibers. Thermal bonding adds thermal energy to the fibers to melt them and avoid burrs.


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