What is the function of an ultrasonic transducer?
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What is the function of an ultrasonic transducer?

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What is the function of an ultrasonic transducer?

The function of the ultrasonic transducer is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (i.e. ultrasonic waves) and then transmit it out while consuming very little of the power itself.

Here is the content list:

l Ultrasonic processing

l Ultrasonic weight loss

l Ultrasonic seed breeding

l Electronic blood pressure meter

l Telemetry and remote control

Ultrasonic processing

Micro abrasive with ultrasonic processing tool with a certain static pressure on the workpiece can be processed with the same shape as the tool. During processing, the transducer is required to produce an amplitude of 15 to 40 microns at a frequency of 15 to 40 kHz. The ultrasonic tool causes the abrasive material on the surface of the workpiece to be continuously impacted with a considerable impact force, destroying the ultrasonic radiation site and breaking the material to achieve the purpose of removing the material. Ultrasonic processing is mainly used in the processing of brittle and hard materials such as gemstones, jade, marble, onyx, and carbide, as well as the processing of shaped holes and fine deep holes. In addition, ordinary cutting tools with ultrasonic transducer vibration can also play a role in improving accuracy and efficiency.

Ultrasonic weight loss

Using the cavitation effect of the ultrasonic transducer and micro-mechanical vibration, the human body under the epidermis of excess fat cells broken, emulsified, and discharged from the body, to achieve the purpose of weight loss, shaping. This is a new technology developed internationally in the 1990s. Italy first used ultrasonic fat removal for bed, and achieved success, for plastic surgery, beauty pioneered. Ultrasonic fat removal technology has been rapidly developed at home and abroad.

Ultrasonic seed breeding

The appropriate frequency and intensity of ultrasonic irradiation of plant seeds, can improve the germination rate of seeds, reduce the rate of mold, promote the growth of seeds, improve plant growth rate. According to information, ultrasound can make some plant seed growth rates increased by 2 to 3 times.

Electronic blood pressure meter

The use of ultrasonic transducer to receive the pressure of the blood vessels, when the airbag pressure tightening blood vessels, because the applied pressure is higher than the diastolic pressure, the ultrasonic transducer can not feel the pressure of the blood vessels; and when the airbag gradually deflated, ultrasonic transducer pressure on the blood vessels and then reduced to a certain value, the pressure of the two reached equilibrium, then the ultrasonic transducer can feel the pressure of the blood vessels, the pressure is the systolic pressure of the heart, This pressure is the systolic pressure of the heart, and an indication signal is sent through the amplifier to give the blood pressure value. An electronic sphygmomanometer can reduce the labor intensity of medical personnel because the stethoscope is eliminated.

Telemetry and remote control

In toxic, radioactive, and other harsh environments, people can not be close to the work, the need for remote control; television, electric fans and lights, and other electrical switches need a remote control, can be installed with ultrasonic transducer, through the remote emission of ultrasound received by the receiving transducer installed in the need for control systems, the acoustic signal into an electrical signal to make the switch action.

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