What is the job of the core parts of a mask machine?
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What is the job of the core parts of a mask machine?

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What is the job of the core parts of a mask machine?

With the improvement of production technology, more and more automatic production equipment has appeared in the chemical industry, coupled with a sharp increase in the production of masks this year, thus prompting the efficiency of mask machine production equipment to increase. But what are the most core components of the automatic mask machine? Simply take a look at the mechanical core composition and role of the mask machine!

Here is the content list:

l Controller

l Ultrasonic

l Rollers

l Servo motors

l Solenoid valve


The controller is mainly the main command device that changes the wiring of the main circuit or control circuit in accordance with the predetermined order, and changes the resistance value in the circuit to control the starting, speed regulation, braking, and reversing of the motor; some automation equipment is usually more common in PLC, industrial control machine, etc.


The mouthpiece body machine is an indispensable part of the mouthpiece machine. An ultrasonic laminating machine also called laminating machine, is a kind of machine that automatically produces multi-layer flat film products. The whole machine is a line, from the input of raw materials to the insertion of end lines, sealing, and cutting. Depending on the raw materials used, the automatic operation can meet different standards such as N95 and FFP2.

The flat mask production machine has stable performance, high output, low defective rate, and easy operation. Mouthpiece machine plus inner ear cup machine or ear band spot welder can produce flat masks.


The functions of the core spare parts of the mask machine are also various, and the types of core spare parts of the mask machine are also various. The range of core spare parts for mask machines includes rollers of different sizes and for different purposes, such as folding rollers and normal rollers and rollers for smooth masks. They also include different kinds of mask molds and different kinds of mask tape cutting blades. Briefly, I will mainly discuss the rollers among the mask machine spare parts because they are the most common parts and the most commonly purchased core spare parts by manufacturers.

Servo motors

Servo motor refers to the engine that is mainly responsible for controlling the operation of mechanical components in the servo system, subsidizing the motor's indirect variable-speed device; servo motor can be used for fast response in the automatic control system, normally used as an executive element, which can convert the electrical signal received into the angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft.

Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve is mainly used to control the fluid automation basic components, it belongs to a kind of actuator, usually mostly used in the industrial control system to adjust the direction, flow, speed, and other parameters of the medium. Solenoid valves can also be used with different circuits to achieve the desired control, more commonly used in life are check valves, safety valves, directional control valves, speed control valves, etc.

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