What is the use value of ultrasonic homogenizers?
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What is the use value of ultrasonic homogenizers?

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What is the use value of ultrasonic homogenizers?

The ultrasonic homogenizer uses the cavitation phenomenon of ultrasonic waves to emulsify, separate, crack, homogenize, extract, defoam, clarify, vegetate, disperse and accelerate chemical reactions of nanomaterials. For more information about the ultrasonic homogenizers, please read the following words.

What are the applications of ultrasonic homogenizers?

What is the use value of ultrasonic homogenizers?

What are the precautions for using ultrasonic homogenizers?

What are the applications of ultrasonic homogenizers?

The ultrasonic homogenizer is mainly used for tissue dispersion in biotechnology, sample preparation in pharmaceutical field, enzyme treatment in food industry, detection of pesticide residues in food and veterinary drug residues, as well as in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, paint industry and petrochemical industry.

The homogenizer uses a stainless steel system that can effectively separate the surface of the body sample and the homogeneous sample contained therein from microorganisms. The sample is packed without contact with the instrument in a sterile disposable homogenization bag, which can meet the requirements for fast and accurate results.

What is the use value of ultrasonic homogenizers?

The ultrasonic technology of the ultrasonic homogenizer can cause an interaction between theSolid particles and the liquid,and high frequency vibration of ultrasound which suddenly increases the temperature of the liquid, emulsifies the two incompatible liquids, and accelerates the dissolution of the dissolved substance.

In addition, under the action of the ultrasonic homogenizer, even large and uneven materials can be mixed evenly with each other, thereby improving the stability of the product. Today, ultrasonic homogenizers have become one of indispensable equipment in the production of food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and other processing companies.

Today, ultrasonic technology has been developed for civil use, such as ultrasonic dishwashers with functions such as cleaning, disinfecting and drying. Ultrasonic technology is expected to be more widely used in the food industry in the near future and has far-reaching effects on production efficiency, cleaning quality, uniformity of mixing and reducing resource waste of conventional food machines and equipment. It will bring great benefits to production and life.

What are the precautions for using ultrasonic homogenizers?

(1) The ultrasonic homogenizer shall not run empty. Before starting, carefully check whether the fastening and connecting parts are firm and reliable.

(2) Cooling water should be passed through before starting to ensure reliable cooling during the working process of the piston.

(3) After the operation is started, it should be gradually adjusted to the required working pressure. The material fluid released during the start-up process should be returned to the material chamber, and the product can only be discharged after the pressure has reached the required stable value.

(4) After use, the ultrasonic homogenizer should be cleaned (hot water over 90°C or non-toxic chemicals can be used) and disinfected and sterilized.

(5) The packing of the piston should be adjusted to adequate tightness to ensure reliable sealing.

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