What is ultrasonic sonochemistry?
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What is ultrasonic sonochemistry?

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What is ultrasonic sonochemistry?

Ultrasonic sonochemistry was developed in the mid to late 1980s. It is an emerging interdisciplinary subject that is a branch of chemistry research that involves the chemical effects and applications of ultrasound. Specifically speaking, it uses the ultrasonic cavitation effect to form local hot spots that can be formed at 4000-6000K at the pressure of 100 MPa, chemical reactions are induced in the extreme microenvironment with a dramatic cooling rate of 109 K/s. In recent years, there has been a lot of research on the application of ultrasound in the field of chemistry. So please let me introduce sonochemistry in a more detailed way in the contents below:

l Here is the content list:

l What is the cavitation effect in ultrasonic sonochemistry?

l What is the thermal effect in ultrasonic sonochemistry?

l What is the mechanical effect in ultrasonic sonochemistry?

l What is the application of ultrasound in a chemical reaction?


What is the cavitation effect in ultrasonic sonochemistry?

Cavitation-When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the liquid, due to the violent vibration of the liquid particles, a small cavity will be generated in the liquid. These small cavities quickly expand and close, causing violent collisions between liquid particles, resulting in pressures of thousands to tens of thousands of atmospheres. This violent interaction between the particles will cause the temperature of the liquid to rise suddenly, play a good stirring effect so that the two immiscible liquids (such as water and oil) emulsify, and accelerate the dissolution of the solute and accelerate the chemical reaction. The various effects caused by the action of ultrasonic waves in the liquid are called ultrasonic cavitation or the cavitation effect. The cavitation effect is the main mechanism of sonochemistry.


What is the thermal effect in ultrasonic sonochemistry?

thermal effect in ultrasonic sonochemistry: When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the medium, its vibration energy is continuously absorbed by the medium and converted into heat, which causes the temperature of the medium to rise. This effect of increasing the temperature of the medium is called the thermal effect of ultrasound.

What is the mechanical effect in ultrasonic sonochemistry?

mechanical effect in ultrasonic sonochemistry: When the frequency is low, the absorption coefficient is small, and the action time of ultrasound is very short, the ultrasound effect is not accompanied by obvious thermal effects. At this time, the ultrasonic effect can be attributed to the mechanical effect, that is, the ultrasonic effect comes from the contribution of characterizing the mechanical quantity of the sound field. Ultrasound is also a form of propagation of mechanical energy, and parameters such as origin displacement, vibration velocity, acceleration and sound pressure in the process of fluctuation can express the ultrasonic effect.

What is the application of ultrasonic sonochemistry?

The application of ultrasonic sonochemistry is wide. In the chemical reactions, ultrasound can increase the rate of chemical reaction, shorten the reaction time, increase the selectivity of the reaction, and can stimulate chemical reactions that cannot occur without ultrasound. In the industrial field, ultrasonic sonochemistry has been widely used in every field of chemistry, such as synthetic organic chemistry, nanomaterial preparation, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, polymer materials, surface processing, biotechnology and environmental protection.


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