What materials can ultrasonic cutting machines generally cut?
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What materials can ultrasonic cutting machines generally cut?

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What materials can ultrasonic cutting machines generally cut?

The blade of an ultrasonic cutting machine can be vibrated 20,000-40,000 times per second. Due to this amazing movement, the blade itself can produce ultrasound and it can easily cut resin, rubber, non-woven fabric and many other composite materials. In addition to excellent maintainability, an ultrasonic cutting machine is also very environmentally friendly because it basically does not emit any debris, wastewater, noise or smoke. So what types of materials can an ultrasonic cutting machine generally cut? Please allow me to introduce that to you in the following contents.


l Here is the content list:

l What is an ultrasonic cutting machine?

l How could it be so impressive in cutting?

l What kinds of materials are suitable for an ultrasonic cutting machine?

What is an ultrasonic cutting machine?

An ultrasonic cutting machine is a rugged and durable cutting machines that employ the mechanism of resonance and is widely used in the processing of textiles, re-injected plastic parts and films. They can cut and seal fabric edges cleanly, and perform other cutting operations that require little maintenance at extremely high speeds. The ultrasonic cutting machine can also perform variable cutting and contouring. Thanks to the use of ultrasound, the blade can slide effortlessly through the workpieces without leaving residue on the blade or deforming the product. That is why the ultrasonic cutting machine is so popular in various industries.

How could it be so impressive in cutting?

So, why could this machine be so impressive in its cutting? Well, the key to answering this question is about the mechanism of resonance: Each object has its own special frequency. By adding an external force corresponding to the special frequency, the object can be made stable and easy to vibrate that a larger vibration can be obtained by just a small force. This phenomenon is called resonance. With the help of that mechanism, the blade will vibrate greatly. As there is a piezoelectric element is incorporated in the transducer, and by applying an alternating voltage aligned with the characteristic frequency of the transducer from the oscillator to the piezoelectric element, the entire vibrator including the cutting blade is resonated. So that the blade could have a vibration of 20,000 to 40,000 times per second. This amazing speed of vibration is the key reason that it could cut so quickly and cleanly.

What kinds of materials are suitable for an ultrasonic cutting machine?

Ultrasonic cutting is very common in the manufacture of textiles. In this case, the edges that need to be melted and sealed are not worn, or the folded edges are unacceptable. ultrasonic cutting machines are also suitable for thick fabrics or fabrics with uneven weaving or varying thicknesses. In this case, laser cutting usually results in a poor edge finish. Ultrasonic cutting can ensure simple and complex shapes and notches with high accuracy. It can also perform a single-layer cutting process directly from a coil or a fixed sheet of material through a conveyor or a static table. Besides those materials concerning textile, there are still a bunch of materials that are suitable for cutting with an ultrasonic cutting machine, such as those hard, brittle materials including glass, sapphire, alumina.


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