You Need To Do What Before Ultrasonic Welding ?
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You Need To Do What Before Ultrasonic Welding ?

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Ultrasonic welding machines are usually used for plastic welding. It completely replaces the traditional industry of glue bonding. In the ultrasonic welding process, there are no bolts, nails, clips, welding materials or adhesives. The traditional adhesive/viscose welding speed is faster and the effect is better, which can reach 80%-93% of the characteristics of the raw material; the welding process can be automatically controlled to adapt to the welding of various types of products with specific specifications. So what preparations do ultrasonic welding machines need to do before welding?

1. Install the welding head

1) First clean the transducer, welding head and welding head screws with alcohol or gasoline, then apply a thin layer of yellow grease to the joint surface of the welding head screws, transducer and welding head, and then remove the welding head screws. Locked on the welding head. Note: If the joint surface of the transducer and the welding head is damaged, the transmission efficiency of vibration will decrease, so it should be carefully maintained.

(2) Tighten 4 welding head leveling screws to fix the transducer at the middle of its rotation range.

(3) Screw the welding head into the transducer by hand until it cannot be rotated.

(4) Tighten the welding head with the welding head locking wrench (torque of about 25 N/m). At this time, pay special attention not to let the transducer rotate to prevent the twisting of the tip. (If it is found to be rotated, the 4 welding head level adjustment screws should be tightened again).

2. Welding head adjustment

(1) Preparation for adjustment:

①Turn on the air pressure source and adjust the pressure to 2kg/c㎡.

②Turn on the power switch on the ultrasonic generator, and the power indicator light is on.

(2) Welding head direction adjustment:

Loosen the 4 horizontal adjustment screws, align the orientation of the welding head with the workpiece, and then press the lift switch of the body to press the welding head to the workpiece.

(3) Welding head level adjustment:

Tap around the welding head to make the welding head fit with the workpiece, and then fix 4 horizontal adjustment screws on average.

(4) Adjustment of welding head height and low position:

If the welding of the work needs to be prepared for the height, adjust the lowest point fine-tuning screw to push the lifting cylinder to the most appropriate position after welding.

(5) Welding preparation:

According to the condition of the work object, set the number of output stages to an appropriate position. (It should be tested from the low stage number to maintain the life) and then press the sonic inspection switch, and turn the sonic adjustment screw until the indication of the amplitude meter is at the lowest scale. Note: Press the sonic inspection switch, and press it for three seconds to stop the one-second intermittent mode to maintain the life of the vibrator.

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