20KHz Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Converter Dukane 110-3168 Replacement
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20KHz Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Converter Dukane 110-3168 Replacement

Frequency: 20kHz Power: 800Watt Jolt Blot: 1/2-20UNF Certificate: CE Min order: 1PCS
  • Dukane 110-3168 Replacement

  • SP

  • 8543709990


SP TECH offers a large number of converter types in order to achieve the best results for each application. The converters transform the electrical oscillations produced by the ultrasonic generator into mechanical sound waves.

Ultrasonic converters are fitted with 2, 4 or 6 ceramic discs, depending on the application. The latter are predominantly used in the packaging industry and for continuous use. The oscillations are best transferred to the ultrasonic workpiece through the ceramic discs, thereby reducing process times and ensuring high process reliability. The top quality housings are very strong and long-lasting and have various HF interfaces.

20K Dukane 110-1322 



 Dukane 110-3168 Replacement



 Output power


 Joint bolt


 Ceramic disc Diameter


 Quantity of Ceramic discs





 Welding machine


Applied Range:

Ultrasonic transducer,ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic horn constitute a whole ultrasonic system, which can be widely used to do welding in various kinds of industries.

Applied Industries: 

Automobile industry, electric industry, medical industry, household appliance industry, 

non-woven fabric, clothing, packing, office supplies, toys, etc.

Applied Machines:

Mask machines, sealing machine, ultrasonic cleaner, welding machines, cutting machines, Medical scalpel and tar clear.


1. Titanium, aluminum, steel materials of front and back driver optional

2. Ceramic rings and titanium are imported from Japan and Germany
3. Once assembled, the transducers are aged before testing and final assembly. The properties of piezoelectric materials can change with time and pressure, so a bit of time to testing will identify nonconforming material
4. One by one testing to ensure that each transducer performance are excellent before shipping
5. Low impedance, high stability with long life and high reliability

6. Provide customized service

7. One year warranty

Why choose SP TECH?

1. Innovation & Creation, SP TECH’ R&D and marketing staffs to constantly explore new applications in the field of ultrasound, and the importance of team spirit of cooperation.

2. Same quality, half the price, double the value. Each product reach you have been test in our company three times, and with 72 hours continous working, to confirm it is well before you get it. Also we always learn from foreign company, to upgrade our products.

3. Oversea Sales Team now available! SP TECH is a company always looking for the next great client and project. If you’d like to work with us, please get in touch!

4. Good components. Poreless, high-density, military-grade piezoceramics, and using the superior quality aluminum, Stainless Steel, titanium raw materials.

Reliable, Powerful, and Customizable. We can customize products according to your requirements, Also supply OEM service.

5. Customized ultrasonic solution for different applications, delivery time will be extended upto 3 weeks.


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