20Khz Continuous Ultrasound Sewing Machine For Clothing Industry
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20Khz Continuous Ultrasound Sewing Machine For Clothing Industry

Frequency: 20Khz Output Power: 2500W Voltage: 220V/ 50Hz Speed: 0-32m/min Size: 1200*550*1100mm Weight: 100KG
  • SP-60S-B

  • SP

  • 8543709990


Ultrasonic bonding is achieved by transmitting high frequency vibration to the fabric. When synthetic materials or nonwovens pass between the corner and anvil of the ultrasonic equipment, the vibration will be directly transmitted to the fabric, thus generating heat rapidly in the fabric. The ultrasonic energy generated by the ultrasonic generator is added to the transducer to generate longitudinal mechanical vibration, which is amplified by the horn and the tool head to obtain uniform and strong ultrasonic on the plane of the tool head (also known as the welding head).

Two groups of adjustable speed motors drive the welding head and the welding roller to rotate respectively. When the roller is pressed down, it contacts with the working surface of the tool head. Under the action of ultrasonic mechanical effect (up and down vibration) and thermal effect, the fabric between the roller and the working surface of the welding head can be cut, perforated, stitched and welded..











Rotary Welding Horns Width


Real-time Display

Working Frequency and Working Current



Horn Material



Analog type




Ultrasonic sewing machine is based on the principle of ultrasonic welding. It is used for chemical fiber cloth, nylon cloth, knitted cloth, non-woven fabric, glue spraying cotton, PE paper, PE + aluminum, PE + cloth composite materials; it is suitable for clothing, jewelry series, Christmas ornaments, bedding, car cover, non-woven fabric, leather lace, pajamas, underwear, pillowcase, bed quilt cover, skirt head flower, hairpin ornaments, ribbon slitting, gift wrapping belt, composite cloth, mouth cloth, chopsticks cover Seat covers, coasters, curtains, raincoats, PVE handbags, umbrellas, food packaging bags, tents, shoes and hats products, disposable surgical clothing, masks, surgical caps, medical eye masks, etc. It has the advantages of one-time fusing molding, no burr, convenient wheel replacement, various styles, fast speed, no preheating and no temperature debugging.



1. The use of ultrasonic welding avoids the use of needle and thread, saves the trouble of frequently changing needle and thread, does not have the broken thread joint of traditional suture, and can also cut and seal the textiles cleanly. Sewing also plays the role of decoration, strong adhesion, can achieve waterproof effect, clear embossing, the surface has more three-dimensional relief effect, fast working speed, good product effect, more high-grade and beautiful; quality is guaranteed.

2. Using ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, the edge of the seal does not crack, does not damage the edge of cloth, and there is no burr, curl phenomenon.

3. It does not need preheating and can be operated continuously.

4. It's easy to operate. It's not much different from the traditional sewing machine. Ordinary sewing workers can operate it.

5. Low cost, 5 to 6 times faster than traditional machines, high efficiency.

6. The flower wheel is designed according to the pattern to enhance the strength and beauty of the processed products.

7. Short welding time, ultrasonic automatic sewing without needle and thread, save the trouble of frequently changing needle and thread, the sewing speed is 5 to 10 times of the traditional sewing machine, and the width is determined by the customer.

8. Because the needle is not used, the situation that the broken needle remains in the material in the sewing process is avoided, and the potential safety hazard is eliminated, which belongs to a new generation of safety and environmental protection products.

Packing & Shipping


1. Do you have it in stock?
We only have common products in stock but not for the nonstandard products.Because all the products need make based on customers' different requirements.

2. Could you advise to us the design based on our special requirements or based on our object samples?
Of course, we can do. Please tell us your idea or your application.
If you have sample object, send it to us or send detail pictures.

3.How long do you make the order product?
Common products for 7days, big qty and none standard products for 20days.

4. Do you have operating manual?
Of course, we will put it with the goods together.

5. How about the quality?
We have export to many other customers from all over the world, the feed back is good,quality is the first of our company.

6. Could you do OEM?
Yes, of course. We can produce according customers' requirement, just send us your requirements and design of drawing and sample.

7. Could we as your agent?
Of course. We are looking for sole agent in Country who have the willing to cooperate with us for long business term.

8. Payment:100%T/T in advance for small order. 70%T/T in advance as deposit, 30%T/T paid before shipment

9. Delivery?
1-2 units we could send by EXPRESS(DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS), heavy weight more than 50kg,we suggest to use sea freight LCL or by air.

10. Warranty:
One years Warranty with none human damage. After warranty time, factory will repair fix it or send the new parts on cost price.





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