20Khz Rotary Sonotrode Ultrasonic Sewing Machine For Gowns
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20Khz Rotary Sonotrode Ultrasonic Sewing Machine For Gowns

Max Sewing Thickness:0-0.5cm Working speed: 50-60m/min Voltage:220V Power:2000w Dimension(L*W*H):1250*550*1200mm Weight:98kg Certification:CE Warranty:1 Year
  • SP-US20

  • SP

  • 8543709990


Ultrasonic wireless stitching is mainly used in the medical industry (surgical clothing, hats, shoes), industry (anti-corrosion clothing, electrostatic clothing, filters, headgear), automobile industry (chair cover, head cushion cover) and other industries (suit cover, bath Cap) etc.

The work method of Seamless sewing part is completely imitating traditional sewing machine. The biggest characteristic is the ultrasonic transmit horn work direction is same with the sewed cloth. Which will make the sewed point of the cloth are even, flat and fastness. Through suitable design, it can reach perfect sewing effectiveness.

20KHz ultrasonic sewing machine






20 KHz



Rotary Welding Horns Width

12 mm



Max Welding Thickness


Horn Material





Digital Type





Apply to lace clothing, ribbon,trim,Filter, Lacing and quilting,decoration products, handkerchief, tablecloth, curtain, bedspread, pillowcase, quilt cover, tent, raincoat, disposable operating coat and hat, disposable mask, non-woven fabric bags and so on.

Usually used in clothing industry is the ultrasonic lace machine, which is mainly used in cutting and welding cloth. Owing to its transmit horn is a plane, so it only can turn its own geometric center and cant turn the same direction with the cloth. Which make the sewed point of the cloth is unevenness. The transmit horn of Seamless sewing part is a circumference horn, and can turn around . For the cloth, it is jointing with the cloth and working at the same time. The ultrasonic seamless sewing part advance ultrasonic lace machine and its market prospects are very bright.
ultrasonic sewing machine


1. The internal structure of the chassis is optimized, with high power and low failure rate; through the touch screen control, data input is convenient, the machine settings can be input/changed on the LCD display, and the password protection restricts the access to the operating data, and the operation is more convenient;

2. Ultrasonic double-roller radial wave has the characteristics of fast welding speed, high strength, good flatness, beautiful welding seam, good sealing and simple operation.

3. The ultrasonic system and electrical design are designed in accordance with the export CE certification standards, which is safe and scientific.

4. Imported electronic components, the ultrasonic effect is more high-quality and stable, the vibration is good, the output is strong, and the continuous wave, the welding effect is better than similar products.

5. The flower wheel structure is reasonable, the alignment and point alignment are more intuitive in the use and operation, and the good visibility greatly improves the yield.

6. Low working noise, good welding effect, no needle and thread, cost saving, and avoid broken needle.

7. There are many kinds of pattern patterns and high interchangeability. Various shapes, curves, etc. can be processed only by changing wheels (designs can be provided according to customer requirements).

8. The speed of the flower wheel and the speed of the lower die are both multi-turn stepless adjustment, which makes the speed adjustment wider, which is more conducive to the adjustment and tracking of speed parameters in production, and greatly improves the yield.

9. The flower mold is made of imported steel, which is super wear-resistant and durable. It will not be hot after long-term use, which ensures the stability of the fabric welding quality, improves productivity and reduces production costs.

ultrasonic sewing machine

Packing & Shipping


1. Do you have it in stock?
We only have common products in stock but not for the nonstandard products.Because all the products need make based on customers' different requirements.

2. Could you advise to us the design based on our special requirements or based on our object samples?
Of course, we can do. Please tell us your idea or your application.
If you have sample object, send it to us or send detail pictures.

3.How long do you make the order product?
Common products for 7days, big qty and none standard products for 20days.

4. Do you have operating manual?
Of course, we will put it with the goods together.

5. How about the quality?
We have export to many other customers from all over the world, the feed back is good,quality is the first of our company.

6. Could you do OEM?
Yes, of course. We can produce according customers' requirement, just send us your requirements and design of drawing and sample.

7. Could we as your agent?
Of course. We are looking for sole agent in Country who have the willing to cooperate with us for long business term.

8. Payment: 100%T/T in advance for small order. 

9. Delivery?
1-2 units we could send by EXPRESS(DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS), heavy weight more than 50kg,we suggest to use sea freight LCL or by air.

10. Warranty:
One years Warranty with none human damage. After warranty time, factory will repair fix it or send the new parts on cost price.





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