High Quality Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Converter Branson 902J Replacement
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High Quality Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Converter Branson 902J Replacement

Frequency: 20kHz Power: 1000Watt Jolt Blot: 1/2-20UNF Certificate: CE Min order: 1PCS
  • Branson 902J Replacement

  • SP

  • 8543709990


The ultrasonic transducer is mainly composed of a central piezoelectric ceramic element, front and rear metal covers, pre-stressed screws, electrode pads and insulating tubes. The specific composition is shown in the figure below.

Back driver:  The thick cylindrical element at the back of the piezoelectric transducer. The back driver abuts the rear-most ceramic and applies preload pressure, typically via a stacking bolt.

Electrodes: A thin electrically conductive disk placed between adjacent piezoelectric ceramics of a transducer. The transducer driving voltage is applied between these electrodes.

Front driver: Transmitting the transducer's ultrasonic energy to the horn or tool head, the front driver usually includes a mounting flange for connecting the housing.

Stack bolt: The bolt(s) used to sandwich the ceramics between the front and back drivers, thereby forming a resonant unit. When the bolt is tightened, it applies a compressive prestress to the ceramics.

Piezoelectric ceramic:Piezoelectric ceramics are the heart of the transducer. A component that converts the electrical signal of an ultrasonic generator into linear mechanical vibration.

Transducer (3)


Branson 902J converter replacement for 910IW or IW+ systems.

902J converter for use with all Branson® 20 kHz 905 or 910D/M welders.


 Branson 902J Replacement



 Output power


 Joint bolt


 Ceramic disc Diameter


 Quantity of Ceramic discs





 Welding machine

Production core step:

Because piezoceramics are weak in tension, a static compressive prestress must be applied to prevent the piezoceramics from experiencing tensile stresses when the transducer vibrates ultrasonically. The prestress also assures that the piezoceramic interfaces make good contact so that the acoustic waves are transmitted well with minimum loss. The compressive prestress must be sufficient to prevent the piezoceramics from ever experiencing any ultrasonic tensile stress and prevent any lateral piezoceramic slippage. In the manufacturing process of ultrasonic transducers, the size of prestressing plays a decisive role in quality.

The piezoelectric ceramic impedance and frequency will stabilize with the prestress's increase. A larger prestress can reduce the impedance of the transducer. If the piezoelectric ceramic is not sufficiently clamped, the transducer impedance will become larger. But larger is not better.

Applied Range:

Ultrasonic transducer,ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic horn constitute a whole 

ultrasonic system, which can be widely used to do welding in various kinds of industries.

Applied Industries: 

Automobile industry, electric industry, medical industry, household appliance industry, 

non-woven fabric, clothing, packing, office supplies, toys, etc.

Applied Machines:

Mask machines, sealing machine, welding machines, cutting machines, Medical scalpel and tar clear.

Our Converters Features:

1. Low resonance impedance

2. High mechanical Q value

3. High electroacoustic conversion efficiency

4. Good stability, low heat

5. Good consistency of frequency and static capacity

6. Provide customized service

7. One year warranty


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1. Do you have it in stock?
We only have common products in stock but not for the nonstandard products.Because all the products need make based on customers' different requirements.

2. Could you advise to us the design based on our special requirements or based on our object samples?
Of course, we can do. Please tell us your idea or your application.
If you have sample object, send it to us or send detail pictures.

3.How long do you make the order product?
Common products for 7days, big qty and none standard products for 20days.

4. Do you have operating manual?
Of course, we will put it with the goods together.

5. How about the quality?
We have export to many other customers from all over the world, the feed back is good,quality is the first of our company.

6. Could you do OEM?
Yes, of course. We can produce according customers' requirement, just send us your requirements and design of drawing and sample.

7. Could we as your agent?
Of course. We are looking for sole agent in Country who have the willing to cooperate with us for long business term.

8. Payment:100%T/T in advance for small order. 70%T/T in advance as deposit, 30%T/T paid before shipment

9. Delivery?
1-2 units we could send by EXPRESS(DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS), heavy weight more than 50kg,we suggest to use sea freight LCL or by air.

10. Warranty:
One years Warranty with none human damage. After warranty time, factory will repair fix it or send the new parts on cost price. 





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