20KHz Frequency Non-contact Ultrasonic Assisted Device With High Precision For Milling And Drilling
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20KHz Frequency Non-contact Ultrasonic Assisted Device With High Precision For Milling And Drilling

Frequency: 20kHz Power: 500W Spindle Mode: BT Series/ISO Series/ HSK Series Amplitude: More than 10um Warranty: One Year Lead Time: 30days Min Order: 1PCS
  • SP-AM20

  • SP

  • 8543709990

Description of ultrasonic assisted machining:

Ultrasonic assisted system Ultrasonic machining refers to the machining method that the tool end face vibrates at high frequency to drive the abrasive particles in the abrasive particle suspension to impact the workpiece material at high frequency to remove the workpiece material and form the workpiece. Because the efficiency of ultrasonic machining is very low and the tools are seriously worn. After its development in recent years, ultrasonic assisted machining refers to the application of high-frequency (small amplitude - tens of microns) vibration to the machine tool spindle or workpiece in conventional machining, so as to reduce the cutting force and improve the cutting performance of materials. At present, there have been relevant papers on ultrasonic assisted grinding, milling and so on. In short, ultrasonic vibration assisted machining is a development of ultrasonic machining.

Introduction of non-contact ultrasonic assisted device:

ultrasonic spindleSP Tech ultrasonic processing module adopts non-contact power transmission technology. Limited by the spindle speed and consumables, the tool speed can reach 38000 RPM or higher, so advanced materials with complex geometries such as ceramics, glass, sapphire, tungsten carbide and composite materials can be processed more economically.

The high-frequency ultrasonic vibration is transmitted to the tool through the patented tool holder, which cleverly removes hard and brittle materials (such as ceramics) and prevents micro cracks from violently hitting the tool and material.

Therefore, high quality can be achieved in terms of improving the surface quality of the cutting edge and saving material usage. According to the requirements of the workpiece, our module can be processed at a higher feed rate and a higher feed rate, thereby greatly improving the processing efficiency by at least 30% to several times.

SP TECH Ultrasonic assisted system is constituted of 3 parts: ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic horn. Using wireless transmission technology. For surface-to-surface or ring-to-ring, the emitter can be 1/4 circle to whole round, adapt to different processing machine and machining center, and realize the quick cutters change.

Detailed parameters:

Working frequency




Product mode 

BT/ ISO/ HSK/ CAT series drilling machine handle


10um or more(adjustable)


20000 r/min

Matching tool

Carbide drilling head Φ2-Φ10mm


Ultrasonic assisted system

Ultrasonic assisted machining can process surfaces of various shapes such as planes and grooves. It is used in ultrasonic milling, cutting, grinding and other machining.


1. There are a variety of series of tool holders that can be used with the host.

2. It can run continuously without preheating.

3. It is not restricted by whether the material is conductive.

4. The tool has small macroscopic force on the workpiece and low thermal effect, so it can process thin-walled, narrow-slit and thin-walled workpieces.

5. The greater the brittleness of the material to be processed, the easier it is to process, the harder the material or the greater its strength and toughness, the more difficult it is to process; because the material of the workpiece is broken down mainly by the action of abrasive, the hardness of the abrasive should be higher than that of the material to be processed. The hardness of the tool can be lower than that of the workpiece material.

6. It can be combined with many other processing methods, such as ultrasonic vibration cutting, ultrasonic electric discharge machining and ultrasonic electrochemical machining.

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