20KHz Latest Ultrasonic Assisted Machine High Precision Non-contact Type
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20KHz Latest Ultrasonic Assisted Machine High Precision Non-contact Type

Frequency: 20kHz Power: 500W Spindle Mode: BT Series/ISO Series/ HSK Series Amplitude: More than 10um Warranty: One Year Lead Time: 30days Min Order: 1PCS
  • SP-AM20

  • SP

  • 8543709990


ultrasonic machining

Ultrasonic assisted drilling (UAD) is a promising method for machining hard, brittle and ductile materials. It is used to manufacture parts with high-precision features, including optical, dental and electronic products. The evaluation of cutting force is very important because it directly affects the power consumption, tool life, dimensional accuracy and surface integrity of the machined parts. The cutting force in UAD is smaller than that in CD. In UAD, the cutting force is directly affected by the cutting conditions (such as ultrasonic frequency and amplitude). In addition, the characteristics of the part material (such as hardness and fracture toughness) will affect the processing behavior. According to the process kinematics, cutting conditions and the physical characteristics of the part materials, different mathematical models have been developed to estimate the UAD cutting force.

In the drilling of modern aviation materials such as nickel-based and titanium-based superalloys, there are problems such as tool exit burrs, tool stress, tool surface high temperature, and low machining reliability. Recently, a promising method to overcome these technical limitations is to use ultrasonic assistance, in which high frequency and low amplitude vibrations are superimposed on the movement of the tool. Compared with the roundness, cylindricity, surface roughness and hole size of conventional drilling workpieces, the application of ultrasonic vibration can significantly improve the quality of the hole by more than 60%.

Detailed Principle Of Non-contact Ultrasonic Assisted System:

ultrasonic spindle
ultrasonic spindle

The machining technology of SP TECH ultrasonic tool holders is mainly used to reciprocate the tool in a fixed direction at a high-speed frequency of 20,000 to 40,000 times per second by the resonance effect. The amplitude can make the cutting removal in the machining process more effective, therefore simultaneously reducing the cutting force and chipping of hard-to-cut materials as well as optimizing the machined surface. Since the ultrasonic handles contains electronic components, the power transmission method has become an essential part of the technology. SP TECH ultrasonic machining tool holder module utilizes the non-contact power transmission technology to transmit the electric power on the high-speed rotating tool. A patented precision actuation mechanism inside the tool holder then generates a high-frequency micro-vibration on the cutting tool edge. Neither consumables nor friction which causes tool wear do you need to worry, removing the limitation of the high spindle rotation speed advantage. Which achieves a win-win effect of stable and efficient production. 


Working frequency

20 KHz



Product mode 

BT/ ISO/ HSK/ CAT series drilling machine handle


10um or more(adjustable)


20000 r/min

Matching tool

Carbide drilling head Φ2-Φ10mm

Demonstration Of Non-contact Ultrasonic Assisted System


Tool head Ultrasonic machining not only overcomes the disadvantage that some special materials are not easy to be machined, but also improves the machining accuracy, shortens the machining time and improves the efficiency. And its position in cutting, grinding and finishing is irreplaceable. SP Tech's non-contact auxiliary machining is suitable for turning, milling, drilling and grinding of diamond, glass, ceramics, tungsten carbide, titanium alloy and other materials. Compared with other processing methods, it has the advantages of low cost, high precision and no need to change the machine tool.


1. There are a variety of series of tool holders that can be used with the host.

2. It can run continuously without preheating.

3. It is not restricted by whether the material is conductive.

4. The tool has small macroscopic force on the workpiece and low thermal effect, so it can process thin-walled, narrow-slit and thin-walled workpieces.

5. The greater the brittleness of the material to be processed, the easier it is to process, the harder the material or the greater its strength and toughness, the more difficult it is to process; because the material of the workpiece is broken down mainly by the action of abrasive, the hardness of the abrasive should be higher than that of the material to be processed. The hardness of the tool can be lower than that of the workpiece material.

6. It can be combined with many other processing methods, such as ultrasonic vibration cutting, ultrasonic electric discharge machining and ultrasonic electrochemical machining.

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