20KHz High Speed Non-contact Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling Device For Ceramic
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20KHz High Speed Non-contact Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling Device For Ceramic

Frequency: 20kHz Power: 500W Spindle Mode: BT Series/ISO Series/ HSK Series Amplitude: More than 10um Warranty: One Year Lead Time: 30days Min Order: 1PCS
  • SP-AM20

  • SP

  • 8543709990


Ultrasonic machining is about combining ultrasonic vibration with conventional machining such as drilling, reaming, turning, and milling etc., to change the cutting process, reduce the dynamic friction, reduce the cutting forces and reduce heat generation in the cutting. 

Tool headUltrasonic vibration assisted machining (UVA) is a process that uses micro-high frequency vibration to be applied to cutting tools to improve material removal efficiency. The principle is to make the interaction between the tool and the workpiece a microscopically non-monotonous process to promote chip separation and reduce processing force. It can also reduce the deformation area in the workpiece being machined, thereby improving the surface integrity of the machined part. There are several types of UVA processing methods, the difference lies in the direction of vibration introduced relative to the cutting direction. The application of UVA processing on various workpiece materials shows that this process can significantly improve the processing performance. The key aspects of ultrasonic vibration assisted machining are cutting kinematics and dynamics, the influence of workpiece materials, and the wear of cutting tools. The range of suitable products for ultrasonic vibration assisted processing covers a wide range of workpiece materials, including metal alloys, ceramics, and amorphous materials and composite materials.


Working frequency

20 KHz



Product mode 

BT/ ISO/ HSK/ CAT series drilling machine handle


10um or more(adjustable)


20000 r/min

Matching tool

Carbide drilling head Φ2-Φ10mm

Display of ultrasonic assisted system working effort:


Tool head

Ultrasonic treatment can be used for high speed milling, drilling, grinding and boring.

Under the same conditions, the surface roughness can be increased by an order of magnitude. For the hard and brittle material processing, the processing efficiency can be increased by 100% compared with the traditional processing, and the tool life can be increased by more than 3 times.

Corundum abrasive is used for ultrasonic processing of plastic materials, silicon carbide abrasive is used for brittle materials, boron carbide abrasive is used for processing of cemented carbide, and diamond powder abrasive is used for processing of diamond.


ultrasonic machining

1.High speed, used for high precision advanced material processing, such as ceramics, glass, sapphire, tungsten carbide and composites. 

2. Plug and play installation convenience and flexibility.Combined with a unique plug-and-play module type design and innovative contactless power transmission technology, SP Tech Ultrasonic Machining modules are flexible and can be easily side-added to a variety of CNC machine tools, such as milling machines, drill presses and even robotic arms.

3. Use ultrasonic wave to improve efficiency and high quality performance. Depending on the requirements of the workpiece, our modules can be processed at higher feed rates and greater feed rates, thus greatly improving the processing efficiency by at least 30% to several times.

4. Prolong tool life by reducing cutting resistance. Different from the traditional machining method, the rotary motion of the tool and the additional vibration in the ultrasonic machining are superimposed on each other, thus reducing the cutting resistance by 40%. It also prolongs tool life due to reduced cutting resistance.

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