High Speed HSK Series Ultrasonic Machining Mould for Tungsten
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High Speed HSK Series Ultrasonic Machining Mould for Tungsten

Frequency: 20kHz Power: 500W Spindle Mode: BT Series/ISO Series/ HSK Series Amplitude: More than 10um Warranty: One Year Lead Time: 30days Min Order: 1PCS
  • SP-AM20

  • SP

  • 8543709990


Ultrasonic machining is to use signal generator to make the ultrasonic tool holder produce continuous high-intensity pulse impact with a frequency from 20kHz to 50kHz(ultrasonic frequency), which will drive the grinding head machine the workpiece. It makes the local stress of the workpiece far exceeds the brittle cracking limit of the material, so that the material is partially crushed and removed. It is especially suitable for precision grinding and cutting of hard-brittle materials such as ceramics, glass, composite materials, and silicon wafers and now are widely applied in industries like 3C, aviation, and military equipment, automotive and new energy.


Working frequency 20kHz
Power 500w
Product mode  BT/ ISO/ HSK series drilling machine handle
Amplitude 10um or more(adjustable)
Speed 20000 r/min
Matching tool Carbide drilling head Φ2-Φ10mm


1. Ultrasonic System

The whole ultrasonic system uses particular resonance theory to optimize the impedance matching of subsystems such as ultrasonic power, transducer, horn and holder, so as to ensure the continuous working stability of the system. Reduce energy consumption and save cost.

2. Wireless Transmission Device

Using wireless transmission technology. For surface-to-surface or ring-to-ring, the emitter can be 1/4 circle to whole round, adapt to different processing machine and machining center, and realize the quick cutters change.

3. Amplitude Transformer

Amplitude Transformer with vertical-twisted design made two dimensional ultrasonic machining come true. Torsional vibration is applied in the direction of main cutting speed, which can greatly reduces cutting force and cutting heat. Cutting force can reduce 1/3 compared with traditional cutting. For multi-dimensional vibration, cutting force decreased 1/16 of common cutting. The cutting temperature is less than 1/3 of the ordinary machining.
Taking the lead in putting forward the part-resonance design theory of high speed ultrasonic holder. Through the ultrasonic barrier technology, all connecting place is vibration null point. There is no influence on the spindle and ensure the safe operation of the machine.

Ultrasonic assisted system


1. High speed, used for high precision advanced material processing

SP Tech Ultrasonic Machining Module adopts non-contact power transmission technology.

Unlimited by spindle speed and consumables, the tool speed can reach 38,000 RPM or more, so it can more economically process advanced materials with complex geometries, such as ceramics, glass, sapphire, tungsten carbide and composites.

2. Plug and play installation convenience and flexibility

Combined with a unique plug-and-play module type design and innovative contactless power transmission technology, SP Tech Ultrasonic Machining modules are flexible and can be easily side-added to a variety of CNC machine tools, such as milling machines, drill presses and even robotic arms.

3. Use ultrasonic wave to improve efficiency and high quality performance

By transmitting high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations through the patented tool rack to the tool, it skillfully removes hard and brittle materials (such as ceramics) and prevents microcracks from hitting the tool and material violently.

Therefore, high quality can be achieved in improving the surface quality of the cutting edge and saving material usage.

Depending on the requirements of the workpiece, our modules can be processed at higher feed rates and greater feed rates, thus greatly improving the processing efficiency by at least 30% to several times.



1. Various kinds of materials especially fragile rigid material.
2. Processing plane, groove, all kinds of form surface (such as spline, gear and thread) and special surface of mould.
3. Application area: machining industry, machine tool equipment manufacturing.
4. Application occasion: manufacturing enterprise, universities and colleges, scientific research institution, mechanical equipment transformation industry.



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